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XAFS Analysis for Redox Reactions of Cobalt Catalysts Supported
XAFS Analysis for Redox Reactions of Cobalt Catalysts. Supported on Silica. Hiroki Tomiga, Syohei Yamashita, Misaki Katayama, and Yasuhiro Inada.

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Multifractal analysis of photoinduced cooperative phenomena ... SiO2-supported Co species by means of dispersive XAFS ... the cobalt catalyst activation, in terms of the structural, as well as temperature and rate of formation ... DXAFS techniques, and the redox reactions of the Co species supported on SiO2 will be  ...

Characterization of cobalt and cerium coordination environments for
Jul 24, 1983 ... economically feasible and ceria supported cobalt-based catalysts are promising candidates for ... sites of the steam reforming reaction, namely Co2+, Co0, Ce3+ and Ce4+. In the first ... the Reduction/Oxidation behavior of cobalt supported on nano-ceria, Topics in Catalysis ..... Appendix A: XAFS Analysis .

Influence of Reduction Promoters on Stability of Cobalt/ -Alumina
Mar 11, 2014 ... separate from cobalt during oxidation-reduction (regeneration) cycles. ... Fischer- Tropsch synthesis (FTS) making use of cobalt catalysts is the core of ... iron counterpart, and because the reaction occurs on the surface, it is ..... XANES analysis of a series of used Co/Pt/Al2O3 catalyst samples retrieved from.

Cobalt-Based Catalysts for Ethanol Steam Reforming - American
Apr 26, 2016 ... that Rh is the most active catalyst for ethanol steam reforming.17. Bimetallic ... evolution of cobalt phases during synthesis and reaction conditions, cobalt reduction and re-oxidation kinetics, effect of ... A thermodynamic equilibrium analysis of the product ..... In Situ XANES and EXAFS during Ethanol Steam.

Cobalt species in promoted cobalt alumina-supported Fischer
Oct 26, 2007 ... Promotion of cobalt alumina-supported catalysts with small amounts of Pt resulted in a significant ... sistent picture regarding oxidation of cobalt particles during FT reaction. .... compounds for XANES and EXAFS analysis. 2.5.

X-ray absorption studies of cobalt aluminophosphate zeolites
Jul 30, 2004 ... No structural changes due to ammonia exchange or hydrogen ... XAFS analysis indi- cates that cobalt is coordinated with four oxygen atoms at 1.93 ... Study on the nature and the redox properties of cobalt species located in CoAPO molecular sieves ... molybdenum and cobalt-molybdenum sulfide catalysts.

XAS studies on promoted and un-promoted silica supported cobalt
An investigation on the performance of cobalt catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, ... XANES analysis showed the oxidation state of Co as Co3O4 which ... The catalyst was cooled to the reaction temperature (190°C) and the pressure was ...

Structure-‐function relations in water-‐oxidizing cobalt oxides
3.4 Location of redox inert cations uncovered by EXAFS analysis . ..... The cobalt catalyst deposited in potassium phosphate (pH 7). LiOAc-‐CoCat ... Water is the product† of the Knallgas reaction and thermodynamically unsuitable as a fuel.

Co Catalyst Life Testing - Fischer-Tropsch Archive
Due to the high cost of cobalt catalysts, a stable catalyst is required ... under the reaction conditions (220oC, 275 psig, H2:CO=2:1, 50-70% CO conversion). ... deactivation is caused by sintering of the cobalt crystals, the oxidation of ...... XANES analysis of used unpromoted and Ru or Pt promoted 15% Co/Al2O3 catalysts.
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Jeffrey T. Miller - Purdue Engineering - College of Engineering
Team leader for development of new selective oxidation catalyst: ..... in Cobalt Zeolite Catalysts for Selective Catalytic Reduction of Lean NOx,” Catal. Lett., 51, ..... Characterized by In-Situ XAFS Analysis and Water-Gas Shift Reaction,” J. Phys.

Operando Spectroscopic Analysis of an Amorphous Cobalt Sulfide
Jun 8, 2015 ... and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalysts yield a common trend in which ..... XANES data is an important tool for oxidation state analysis.

Bimetallic Synergy in Cobalt-Ruthenium Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Co-Ru catalysts yield a heavier and more paraffinic product ... between Co and Ru, a state that forms during oxidation of the bimetallic ... alysts are widely used in reactions ofCO and ... Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Rate and Selectivity on Typical Monometallic Cobalt Catalysts ...... EXAFS analysis of Co—Ru samples ex-.

Time-resolved XANES studies on used silica supported cobalt
Jul 1, 2012 ... for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis at the reaction temperature of 190oC and the ... Today cobalt catalysts for FT diesel production from natural gas are ... oxidation of cobalt species in the used silica supported cobalt ... 0.5%/cyclopropane in N2 was used as the internal standard for product analysis using gas.

Promotion of Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch Catalystswith Noble Metals: a
May 22, 2007 ... deactivation at FT reaction conditions (cobalt oxidation, coking ..... of the cobalt catalyst is situated at 2.1 Å. Analysis of the EXAFS implies.

Local and long range order in promoted iron-based Fischer
conversion of biomass [4], while cobalt catalysts are mainly used .... procedures and FTS reaction conditions on the local and long range structure and FTS ..... EXAFS analysis confirms the observation from WAXS that α-Fe formed after ..... catalyst deactivation by oxidation, an important issue in iron-based catalysts [6], was ...

Complex structural dynamics of nanocatalysts revealed in Operando
Jun 29, 2015 ... Characterization of catalysts during different reaction conditions. ... XAFS analysis, assuming that all particles are identical and adopt a truncated cuboctahedron ..... Methanol oxidation over model cobalt catalysts: influence of.

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Dec 15, 2009 ... Fischer-Tropsch reaction on cobalt catalysts supported on periodic ..... analysis of these materials also parallels the XRD information as shown in Table SI 1. ..... Shishido, T.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Takehira, K. XAFS Study on Active Iron Sites in. MCM-41 as a Catalyst for Liquid Phase Oxidation.

CV - Energy at CAER
Sep 27, 2015 ... al., "Low temperature water-gas shift: In situ DRIFTS-reaction study of ceria ... the reducibility of cobalt catalysts," Applied Catalysis A: General, ...... TPR and XANES analysis of the impact of oxidation-reduction (OR) cycles on.

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The reduction behaviour of a model cobalt Fisher-Tropsch catalyst was investigated using in situ combined XANES/EXAFS/XRD techniques where the sensitivity and ... Differential PDF analysis was successful in characterising .... 1.2 .3.3 Methane oxidation . ...... Energy diagram showing a hypothetical catalytic reaction.
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