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User Grouping for Massive MIMO in FDD Systems - IEEE Xplore
the design and performance of FDD massive MIMO systems. To reduce the overhead .... the user grouping and scheduling problems in massive MIMO systems.

User Grouping and Scheduling for Large Scale MIMO Systems with
gate the large-scale MIMO design for FDD systems. Recently, a two-stage precoding .... USER GROUPING IN MASSIVE MIMO SYSTEM. As aforementioned, the ...

Antenna Grouping based Feedback Compression for FDD-based
Jul 21, 2015 ... explicit feedback of CSI from the user terminal to the basestation is needed for frequency ... technique for FDD-based massive MIMO systems.

Antenna Group Selection based User Scheduling for Massive MIMO
feedback overhead in FDD-based massive MIMO systems. The main features of ... First, among pre-determined antenna groups each user terminal chooses the ...

Antenna Grouping based Feedback Reduction Technique for FDD
of importance to investigate FDD-based massive MIMO systems. It is well .... user. Antenna grouping. Vector quantization. Expansion. Original channel vector.

Enabling massive MIMO systems in the FDD mode thanks to D2D
in FDD massive MIMO systems. ... massive MIMO systems and inter-user communications based on .... We investigate a scenario where a group of K users are.

Massive MIMO: Fundamentals and System Designs - DiVA
CSI acquisition in Massive MIMO is how to acquire CSI at the users. ... research group as a visiting scholar. .... 2.5.2 Channel Estimation in FDD Systems .

Joint Space-Division and Multiplexing: How to Achieve Massive
Achieve Massive MIMO Gains in FDD Systems. Giuseppe Caire ... K users selected to form G groups, with ≈ same channel correlation. H = [H1,...,HG], with Hg = ...

Harvest the Potential of Massive MIMO with Multi-Layer -
Jan 16, 2016 ... systems are based on the frequency division duplex (FDD) operation ... In a massive MIMO system that supports user grouping, the precoding ...

On the Achievable Rates of FDD Massive MIMO Systems with
Sep 2, 2014 ... massive MIMO systems, i.i.d. FDD systems, and the joint spatial division and ... where hn is the channel vector of user-n, s ∈ CN is the data transmitted to the ..... CCMs of the users in each group are different, rendering that.

e-letter - Multimedia Communications Technical Committee - IEEE
Full-dimension MIMO Cellular Systems Realizing Potential of Massive-MIMO........ .... 6 .... User Grouping and Load Balancing for FDD Massive MIMO Systems.

Achievable Rates of FDD Massive MIMO Systems with -
Jun 29, 2014 ... For FDD massive MIMO systems, the research can be categorized into two ... Based on the JSDM scheme, the users are divided into groups ...

A Generalized Framework on Beamformer Design and -
Jul 5, 2016 ... filter, MMSE estimator, user-grouping, angle-delay channel sparsity, ... massive MIMO systems in the mm wave range form an important part of 5G ... systems in FDD mode initially, the idea of two-stage beamforming (in [13], ...

Opportunistic Beamforming and User Grouping - Amazon Web
May 30, 2013 ... This approach, dubbed “massive MIMO” has garnered considerable interest ... like gains and simplified operations for FDD systems, which ...

Investigation of Transmission Schemes for Millimeter-Wave Massive
wave massive MIMO systems working in frequency division ... reduces the feedback amount in FDD systems. ... where hi ∈ C1×Nt denotes the downlink channel vector of user ...... Given UI, we notice that, under proper user grouping, users.

Exploiting Channel Structure in Massive MIMO - TU Ilmenau
5. März 2015 ... While most systems deployed today operate in FDD mode, TDD is more suited to ... dedicated to UL training, and groups of T/2 users should be served ... simplifications and system advantages of massive MIMO are lost. 7 ...

Overview of Full-Dimension MIMO in LTE-Advanced Pro -
Aug 10, 2016 ... often referred to as massive MIMO systems, have received much attention in ... goes to zero [1] so that the inter-user interference in the downlink can be ... particular for FDD-based systems, is that the quality of CSI is affected by the limitation ..... partitioned into L groups of TXRU and orthogonal CSI-RS is ...

A Simple DFT-aided Spatial Basis Expansion Model and -
Jan 9, 2016 ... of channel statistics for both TDD and FDD systems based on the angle ... Hence, downlink training in massive MIMO system requires huge number of ..... information, we will have to divide K users into G groups, each ...

Design of Joint Spatial and Power Domain Multiplexing Scheme for
Oct 15, 2015 ... [9–11] to enable massive MIMO gains for FDD systems. Meanwhile, as large ... of the user spatial grouping and multiuser power-domain paring.

Compressed CSI Acquisition in FDD Massive MIMO: How Much
Jun 7, 2016 ... tional to the number of user equipments (UEs) instead of the BS antenna array .... MIMO channels as in typical massive MIMO systems. Much of the ...... group together channels with the same sparsity level and SNR level, and ...

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