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Triads in the Veda. By J. Gonda. (Verhandelingen - Cambridge Core
Following on logically from his recent Dual deities in the religion of the Veda, ... Gonda presents us with Triads in the Veda; may we expect quadruplets next?

Vedic Religion
ferent from this triad. Although about a sixth of its hymns are common to the Ṛg Veda Saṃhitā, the Atharva Veda contains hundreds of origi- nal hymns dealing ...

Tribal Origin of Holy Triad - Odisha
Apurusham Daru mentioned in the Rig Veda. (X.155.3) and hold the view that worship of. Lord Jagannath started well before the. Christian era. In this context, it  ...

The waters In Vedic cosmic classifications
I agree with GONDA, Triads, p. 50, that the cosmic tripartition is not based on a tripartite social structure. KUIPER, Varuna, p. 47, observes: a For the present.

29. Message of the Vedas
called "Trayee" (the Triad). Aamnaaya refers to constant contemplation of the root syllable "Na." Acquiring knowledge of the Vedas by this practice has been ...

Hinduism's Points of Contact with Christianity - JStor
With them may be compared the triad of the Veda Mantras: Surya, Indra and Agni . ... In the Rig Veda (tenth mandala, hymn 121) we find Agni thus invoked:.

The Iranian Gods of Healing - JStor
Aryaman in the Veda, where his name is very frequently men- tioned, but seldom ... upon the triad Varuna-Mitra-Indra, or Varuna-Mitra-Aryaman. Ramman or ...

HINDUISM - University of Georgia
THE FOUNDATIONS OF HINDUISM: THE AGE OF THE VEDAS (ca. ... among the Indian people, and the concept of a Trimurti ("triad") of Brahma, Vishnu.

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Note a Vedic triad with respect to. 'a god being invoked with … three functions. Thus Taittirīya-Saṁhitā speaks of. Indra the king (rājā) who is this world ...

The Secret of the Veda - Sri Aurobindo Ashram
tions of the Rig Veda that were published in the monthly review ..... the supreme Godhead, members of a divine Triad and expressive separately of conservative ...

“Notes on the Mycerinus Triad.” Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts
Notes on the Mycerinus Triad and again we find that the re-examina- tion of a well-known and well-published work knowledge of the Veda, of Yang and Yin. of  ...

Nyaya-Vaisheshika: The Indian Tradition of Physics -
philosophy. The Rigveda, the oldest of the Vedic texts of India, generally assigned to the early second .... Some in pairs, others in triads, tetrads and so on, which.

The (un)dreadful goddess - Hal
Jun 24, 2012 ... goddess triads,15 or the three functions of Volition, Knowledge and ... 14 This Vedic triad seems central in the system of the text, for its very first ...

We have theoretically derived the charge of quarks according to Vedas and found that the modern value ..... Earth, the triad is called Udoodhaa (उदूढा ैलोक).

Mandukya Upanishad and Karika - ShiningWorld
In this tradition, the primary scriptures are called the Veda and are known as śruti .... Veda, the triad of actions (physical, verbal, mental), the triad of results (artha, ...

Translation, Transcreation and Culture - SOAS University of London
Indian concept of word or veda as Brahman or God ('Sabda Brahman'), .... Surendranath Dasgupta explains the interpretation of the unity of this triad by the.

Indo-European Sacred Space - eBooks
Jun 7, 2006 ... Indo-European sacred space : Vedic and Roman cult / Roger D. ..... Dumézil's identification of the Roman triad Jupiter-Juventas-Terminus.

09_chapter 4.pdf - Shodhganga
Muni says, "Brahma developed music with the help of Sama Veda". This goes on to .... triad with a higher note, a lower one and a third sandwiched in between.
09_chapter 4.pdf

The atomic hypothesis -
composed towards the end of the Vedic .... to the pre-Vedic, pre-Aryan times. .... Triads of the same type as well as those belong- ing to different types can form ...

Tetraktys -
En-Soph, the Vedic Brahman, the Islamic. Allah. But in the ... 2 is the beginning of all other natural numbers. The Triad. Rosicrucians will be very familiar with.

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