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The Next 90: Using Vortex Power to Extract Energy - ICOE 2014
Sep 30, 2014 ... ocean currents using vortex formation around a bluff body ... The Next 90: Using Vortex Power to Extract Energy from Ocean Currents. Flowing ...

Deep ocean wave energy conversion using a cycloidal turbine
Jan 2, 2011 ... direction can extract almost all of this wave power, yielding a power density of .... with Γ(t) the circulation of the vortex, and k the wave number. .... t = 90. )/ max. || x=−8 x=− x= x=8 . Figure 2: L2 Error Norm as a function of .... H−1,−2,−3 are the wave heights of the fundamental and next two harmonic.

Electric Power Generation Using Buoyancy-Induced Vortices
Renewable Energy and Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ) ... only by solar radiation, with the vortex directly coupled to a vertical-axis turbine to demonstrate continuous rotation of the turbine with significant extraction of ... prototype is planned within the next year. 2. .... At α = 90°, the blades are parallel to the axial flow, and.

Energy Extraction from a Steady Flow Using Vortex Induced Vibration
Energy Extraction from a Steady Flow Using. Vortex ..... 46. 3.3.4. Measured power. .... Predicting the vortex modes using the Williamson and Roshko map.... . ...... 90. Figure 4.11. Interaction between secondary vortices and Kármán vortex.

Passive propulsion in vortex wakes - Harvard University
itself upstream employing a similar flow energy extraction mechanism. In this case, ... only, is capable of producing net thrust using a negative mechanical power input,. i.e. all the ...... The heave and pitch motions were approximately 90.

3 - [email protected]
the trout's mass was moving laterally with the flow in a low-power swimming ... input of 90 mW (energy extraction), a feat impossible for a passive device ..... Since the frequency and phase of an incoming vortex wake will not generally be ..... MS-222 and stored in a freezer for posterity, before testing began with the next fish.

On the efficiency of energy harvesting using vortex - UNIV-TLSE3
energy. The question of the efficiency of energy harvesting using vortex-induced ... The most common way to extract this energy is to convert it into the rotary motion of a ... between the time-averaged extracted power 〈P〉, where 〈 а 〉 stands for .... harvesting by VIV of cables is therefore explored in the next sections . 4.

An investigation of the fluid-structure interaction in an - WIT Press
pitch-plunge mode with approximately 90 degree phase angle between the ... trophic flutter under certain circumstances because the wing may absorb energy ... wing power generator for the purpose of extracting useful power from a flow. In .... effect of the vortex wake shed from the oscillating airfoil has to be accounted for.

River, Tidal, and Ocean Current Hydrokinetic Energy Technologies
By the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, November 1, 2010 ..... VIVACE vortex-induced vibration hydrokinetic turbine (picture courtesy of .... The Alaska region contains about 40% of the total U.S. river energy resource, 90% of the total U.S. tidal ... over the next five to ten years, by building on current and planned national ...

Numerical simulation of oscillating-wing based energy harvest
Jul 1, 2013 ... Energy extraction with both the prescribed ... power input to sustain the pitching motion ... As vortex dominated flow is featured in the study, a high-order spectral .... process is then repeated for the next time step. .... All the cases show satisfactory energy harvest performance except that with = 1.2 and. = 90 .

Here, a CFD code based on the Vortex Particle ... and to estimate the power output extracted from the flutter vibration. ... Wind energy has long been used to generate power mostly using wind ..... As to be discussed in the next section, we only ..... Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 74-76, 73-90.

Final - Office of Scientific and Technical Information
3. Executive Summary. Vortex Hydro Energy is commercializing a University of Michigan patented MHK device, the ... because of the nature of power generated using this technology. Although the PTO ... a river or ocean current to extract energy from moving water. ... The next step was to improve the efficiency of the power.

Economic and Social Benefits from Wave Energy Conversion Marine
economic and social benefits of using wave energy technology. ... train efficiencies of 90% and a plant availabil- ity of 90%, electricity .... Ocean Power Delivery Pelamis (a) and Farm (b) (courtesy Ocean Power Delivery). Hawaii .... in the next few years, located at a research/ ... ocean energy extraction technologies , research.

Modelling of hydraulic performance and wave energy extraction by a
Firstly, significant vortex shedding and viscous losses occurring with significant buoy motion reduce the power extraction. Secondly .... It should be noticed that about 90% of total available ..... Next, the resulting captured power was calculated.

Jul 14, 2014 ... On the efficiency of energy harvesting using vortex-induced ... between the time- averaged extracted power 〈P〉, where 〈 а 〉 stands for time-averaged quantities, and the energy .... and δopt ¼ 0:90, in the vicinity of the condition, δ ¼ 1. ... harvesting by VIV of cables is therefore explored in the next sections. 4.

fulltext - DiVA
gives maximum power capture for a fixed tip speed ratio. A prototype ... designed for marine current energy extraction with a fixed .... Red points represent clockwise vortex particles and blue ..... current show that measurements are 90% of simulated values. ... and G. Konzen, “Performance evaluation of the next generation of.

Spatiotemporal Optical Vortices - Intense Laser Matter Interactions
Sep 9, 2016 ... A STOV is an optical vortex with phase and energy circulation in a spatiotemporal .... critical power level (Pcr), self-lensing exceeds diffraction, and the pulse ...... enabling extraction of the transverse amplitude and phase profiles of the ... intensity, rotated 90 deg using a periscope (converting P polarization ...

CFD Investigation on the Aerodynamic Interferences between
Dec 18, 2015 ... In order to verify wheter vortex shedding suppression might be the cause ... These last results don't show reasonable analogies with VAWT wake structures and interactions. ... the turbines is the principle cause of the power extraction enhancement .... Energy Procedia 81 ( 2015 ) 227 – 239 The four-rotor ...

Exploratory wind-tunnel investigation of a wingtip-mounted vortex
of the energy loss associated with the lift-induced vortex system. ... turbine power generated by the vortex (extracted en- ergy) could be .... was connected through a set of 90' bevel gears to the turbine shaft ..... Numbers next to data points are ...

Feb 12, 2014 ... As a symbiotic combination of wind and solar energy extraction, the ... and nuclear power plants with vortex generators to supplement their ...... Robert Lynette, “Status and Potential of Wind Energy Technology,” Windpower 90.
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