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Math Foldables
Foldable. I hope you enjoy making Foldables a part of your math classroom! ...... the Distributive Property, also called the Distributive. Property of Multiplication ...

Algebraic Properties - Virginia Department of Education
Distributive a(b + c) = ab + ac and ab + ac = a(b + c). Properties of Equality and Inequality. Property. Equality. Inequality. Multiplicative. Property of Zero a ยท 0 = 0 ...

Steps to Solving Equations - Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative
EE: Use properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions. .... whereas others may apply the distributive law to give 4x + 24. Explain their equivalence ..... My answer is 54.โ€ What number am I thinking of? 60 inches. Fold up. 6 inches  ...

Mathematics Curriculum - EngageNY
the distributive property from Module 2 to expand, factor, and distribute expressions .... the distributive property to the expression 3(2 + ) to produce the ...

lessons for learning - Waterbury Public Schools
in particular the distributive property, as they develop, discuss, and use ...... Students fold both strips into 8ths by folding it in half, in half again, in half a third time.

7-Unit 2
Mar 17, 2015 ... the distributive property, leading to products such as (-1)(-1)=1 and the rules for multiplying .... Use a foldable for integer rules. 5. Show that ...
CC Math 7 Curriculum Map Unit 2 Draft 3_17_15.pdf

Grade 5 Suggested Activities and Supplies - Florida Department of
based on place value, the properties of operations, and/or the relationship .... using the distributive property as a strategy. Students will ... Folding Strips of Paper.

Semantic Folding Theory -
Nov 25, 2015 ... Part 1: Semantic Folding Theory and Background ........................................................ ...... 8 ... Properties of SDR Encoded Data . .... Dimensionality in Semantic Folding . ..... 7: Distribution of the contexts on the semantic 2D map .

Unit 4 Frameworks - Georgia Standards
Paper Folding (Constructing Task) . ..... Know how to solve equations, using the distributive property, combining like terms and equations with variables on both ...

Study Notebook - McGraw Hill Higher Education
1-3 Properties of Numbers ............................... 7. 1-4 The Distributive Property . ..... Study Organizer Construct the Foldable as directed at the beginning of this.

Texas Noteables Interactive Study Notebook (6435.0K)
Fold the paper in half widthwise and glue all of the edges. Glue and Label ... Foldable reminders in the margin of this Interactive Study ..... Distributive Property .

Noteables Interactive Study Notebook (26491.0K) - McGraw Hill
Nov 28, 2007 ... 12-1 The Distributive Property . . . . . . 293. 12-2 Simplifying ... Foldable reminders in the margin of this Interactive Study. Notebook to help you in ...

Mathematics - Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments
For example: analyzing and applying properties (e.g., distributive, .... and nets ( e.g., folding connected squares into a cube); and generating three-dimensional.

city farmers - New York City Department of Education
Use area models to represent the distributive property in mathematical reasoning . d. ...... folding) and re-composition, and eventually analyses with area-units.

Solving Equation Foldable - in stillness the dancing
Use the distributive property to multiply the number outside the parentheses by every term inside the parentheses: 3(x2 + x โ€“ 2) is the same as 3x2 +3x โ€“ 6.

Tina Cardone - Nix the Tricks
Jan 14, 2015 ... power and flexibility of the distributive property. If you teach the ...... draw 2-D nets that will fold into the object they are presented with. This is.

Grade 8 Overview - Tucson Unified School District
Students solve systems of linear equations and compare properties of functions ..... The graphic organizer of nested subsets or a foldable is a powerful way to .... Linear equations can be expanded and simplified using the distributive property.

List of Quick Summarizing Strategies to Use in the Classroom
Have each student create a foldable that captures the key concepts of the lesson. ... term is (definition), 2) what it's like (properties, qualities), 3) examples.

Common Core Instructional Tools - North Dakota State Government
MC 2.1 Understand and use geometric properties of two- and three- dimensional ..... Fold one piece of paper in half to show two halves in every one whole. ..... + x) to produce the equivalent expression 6 + 3x; apply the distributive property.

Problem-Solving in Functions and Algebra - The City University of
them fold the paper in half. On one half, they ..... Developing fluency with the different properties of equality ... distributive properties of multiplication. Calculating ...

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