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Sequential Random Permutation, List Contraction and Tree
We show that simple sequential randomized iterative algo- rithms for random permutation, list contraction, and tree contraction are highly parallel. In particular, if ...

This paper introduces parallel tree contraction: a new bottom-up technique for ... sequential as well as parallel problems. The classic .... n) time optimal algorithm for list-ranking. This ... how to generate a random permutation in time using only.

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PARALLEL TREE CONTRACTION AND ITS APPLICATION ... both for sequential as Well as parallel problems. The ..... algorithm which generates random permutations of 11 cells ... the beginning of its list of cells and chooses a random.

MergeShuffle: A Very Fast, Parallel Random Permutation Algorithm
Aug 13, 2015 ... to generate random permutations (or to randomly permute an existing array). .... rallelism inherent in classical sequential algorithms, and these can be ..... permutation, list contraction and tree contraction are highly parallel.

Accepted Papers - SIAM
Greedy Sequential Random Permutation, List Contraction and Tree Contraction ... on Online K-Item Auction and Bipartite K-Matching with Random Arrival Order.

A Survey of Parallel Algorithms for Shared-Memory Machines*
the best sequential algorithms for the same problems, and their discovery has required the creation of ..... With random mating each list contraction tends to shrink .... The tree contraction algorithm works on a rooted, ordered binary tree, i.e., a ..... the k“ smallest element in the case of selection, and the permutation required to.

Parallel External Memory Graph Algorithms - UCI
lowest common ancestors, tree contraction and expression tree evaluation. We also ... memory algorithms are either too sequential [8] or rely on message passing .... perform an arbitrary permutation of N elements, which for most realistic values of N and B is .... of a list is an adaptation of the random mate approach originally ...

Big Data: Scale Down, Scale Up, Scale Out - Intel University Research
May 28, 2015 ... Estimate from Random Sample. – Statistics ..... Sequential Random Permutation, List. Contraction and Tree Contraction are Highly Parallel.

Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
executing sequential iterative loops in parallel, which lead to deterministic .... 4.10.2 Random Permutation, List Contraction, and Tree Contraction . . 97.

Random trees, graphs and recursive partitions - Tel - Hal
Jul 8, 2013 ... 2.3.3 Lifting the transformation to the continuum random tree . .... space valued random variables using the contraction method by ... A list of publications together with links to download the files is available on page 46; the ones which ..... in which random chords are sequentially added to the unit disk, ...

A New Approach to the Minimum Cut Problem
otherwise, to republish, to post on servers, or to redistribute to lists, requires prior ..... Contraction Algorithm to get improved sequential and parallel algorithms for .... randomly ranking the edges and then constructing a minimum spanning tree of ..... that with probability (n 2), a random permutation will yield a contraction to.

A parallel algorithm for the generation of a permutation and
Feb 9, 1999 ... A parallel algorithm is presented for generating a permutation of size n. ... algorithms for the generation of trees have been extensively studied. ... graphics and in statistics (for sequential algorithms, see e.g. [3,6,12,15]). We present in this paper a method to generate uniformely a random permutation of size ...

Optimal and Sublogarithmic Time Randomized - Duke University
machines, random permutations, radix sort, pre x sum, optimal algorithms. AMS MOS ... sorting extensively to handle tables and lists. Both due to ... BUCKET SORT algorithm 1 sorts n integer keys in O n sequential steps. Notice that ...... 19 G.L. MILLER AND J.H. REIF, Parallel Tree Contraction and Its Application,. 18th IEEE ...

Parallel Algorithms for Linked List and Beyond - Semantic Scholar
of a sequential algorithm because the problem is trivial in the sequential case. ... for linked list and many efficient parallel algorithms emerged by using .... by using a random number generator at each node of the list. ..... The PRAM tree contraction algorithm of Miller and Reif[MR] .... A permutation is then needed to compress.

Mixed Poisson approximation of node depth distributions in random
retrieve an item stored in a randomly grown binary search tree. Us- ... approximation, random permutations, randomized algorithms, Hoare's selection algo- rithm ...

SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing
May 8, 2014 ... is nearly as fast as the best sequential method on one core, ... Figure 1: Computation of a result block using a list of ... tree. Each inner block is a container for four other blocks. Each child can be null, ..... Suffix perm: We randomly permute the matrix ... RMAT matrix squares, and the AMG contraction and.

powerful tool in the design of both sequential and parallel algorithms. ... well practical because with very high probability the given input permutation will ... quickly on that input, then clearly, a random algorithm in the family will run ..... tree contraction. ... ation, testing for isomorphism of trees, list ranking, computing canonical ...

Parallel Probabilistic Tree Embeddings, k-Median, and Buy-at-Bulk
republish, to post on servers or to redistribute to lists, requires prior specific ... our algorithms remains close to that of the sequential counterparts .... first step in generating an FRT tree is to pick a random permutation ..... tree contraction. Finally ...

random sampling in graph optimization problems - Stanford University
The representative random sample is a central concept of statistics. It is often possible to ... The rst randomized linear time minimum spanning tree algorithm; .... 4 Randomized Contraction Algorithms. 41 ... 4.5.2 Generating Permutations using Exponential Variates : : : : : : : : : 56 ..... We give a sequential algorithm that runs in.

Data-Oblivious Graph Algorithms in Outsourced External Memory
Sep 2, 2014 ... Scan each item of input exactly once; a random permutation hides the access pattern. 4 .... Each round of the tree contraction algorithm is divided into two operations: ... First, we label each vertex with its degree by scanning the edge list in ..... Tarjan and Vishkin [27] gave an efficient sequential algorithm for ...

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