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Rescorla-Wagner Theory
Underlying Processes : Rescorla-Wagner Theory ... Rescorla-Wagner model. • Practical ... Trial 4: association stronger. L. S. L. S. L. S. L. S. CS Node US node ...

Equilibria of the Rescorla-Wagner Model - Research Showcase
Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, University of West Florida, 40 S. Alcaniz ... Wagner model under a wide range of parameters and experimental setups, ...

A test of Rescorla and Wagner's (1972) prediction of nonlinear
In 1968, Rescorla reported a series of conditioned suppression experiments in ..... The mean interval between CS trials was 90 s, the minimum was 70 s, and the  ...
Moris, Carnero & Loy (2012 L&B).pdf

Pavlovian and Instrumental Q-learning: A Rescorla-Wagner - CAL-R
model with Rescorla and Wagner's model (RW, (Rescorla and Wag- .... benefit. S everal experiments were carried out in three G rid domains of increas- ing size: ...

Frequency, Contingency and the Information Processing Theory of
Rescorla's experiment followed from his reflections on the proper control ..... posteriori probability that the rate is anywhere near 1/s given that one has observed ...

Rescorla (1969)
Two experiments are reported which indicate that negative contingencies .... S was placed on a VI schedule of reinforcement. ... ROBERT A. RESCORLA .50 -. O.

pavlovian conditioning and its proper control procedures1
ROBERT A. RESCORLA * ... while others transform the excitatory, experimental CS-US con- tingency into an ... as does an experimental S; however, no US is ...

Retraining of Extinguished Pavlovian Stimuli - American
tivity of S to changes in the value of O persists through extinction ... A recent series of experiments in this laboratory (Rescorla, 1997) confirmed the presence of ...

Temporal Learning in Random Control Procedures - Brown University
Experiments 1 and 2 delivered conditioned stimuli (CSs) at random times and unconditioned stimuli. (USs) at ... In 1967, Robert Rescorla published the now classic article, ..... of 120 s, whereas in the 360-s group, the CS onset–US interval .

Evidence for the hierarchical structure of instrumental - CiteSeerX
dence for the hierarchical role of S in controlling an R-O association. In a typical instrumental ... In Experiment 1, instrumental learning was studied un- der conditions ... EXPERIMENT 1. Colwill and Rescorla (1988) reported that a discrimina-.

Cue competition as a retrieval deficit
For example, Rescorla and Wagner (1972) explained blocking as a result of CS A accruing much of .... s Experiment 3, unless the overshadow- ing stimulus was  ...

Rescorla - CiteSeerX
In Experiment 1, equal probability of a shock ... ing have been distinguished by Rescorla. (1967). The first ... session during which S was magazine trained auto-.

From Conditioning to Category Learning: An - Stanford University
Experiment 3 contrasted the adaptive network model with one predicting ... The results again support the Rescorla-Wagner LMS learning rule as embedded within an adaptive ..... totic weights obtained iteratively by changing the w~s trial by.

Evidence for the hierarchical structure of instrumental learning
Cite this article as: Colwill, R.M. & Rescorla, R.A. Animal Learning ... In Experiment 1, we employed a training procedure in which S signaled a change in the R-O ...

Behavioral Studies of Associative Learning in - Annual Reviews
experiments (e.g. Rescorla & Wagner 1972, Kremer 1978, Kamin & Gaioni. 1974) . ...... features of S l (e.g. Leyland 1977, Rashotte et al 1977, Rescorla 1979). In.

Download PDF - eScholarship
Rescorla's conceptual work, models, and experimental data have strongly influ- enced the ..... Later the S- appears less valued relative to the S+ and the context,.

The Role of Similarity in Human Associative Learning - School of
experiments, therefore, were to examine the generality of Rescorla and Gillan's .... animated 2-s screen display began in which the spray cans were filled with ...
J of Exp Psych Animal - 33 - 64-71.pdf

The Two-Test Strategy in the Study of Inhibitory Conditioning
experiments in which both summation and retardation tests were used to look for ..... In a conditioned suppression experiment by Rescorla (1971), the training of ..... Delamater, A. R., Kruse, J. M., Marlin, S., & LoLordo, V. M. (1986). Conditioned ...
1993 inhibition Papini.pdf

Reinforcement Learning
S r w stimulus reinforcement. Experimental terms. Rescorla-Wagner rule (1972). Phase 1: Phase 2: Test: Acquisition: S → r. S? response. Extinction: S → r. S → -.

Rescorla (1968, 1969) has found support for his position in several experiments ..... In addition, pilot data (Quinsey, 1970) from a within-S experiment tenta-.

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