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Selective Withdrawal in an Isothermal Stratified Fluid - MIT
Nuclear power plants are often located near a large lake so that cold water can be with- drawn to cool ... ρ (uux + wu + z) = −px + µ (uxx + uzz). (2.8.3) ρ (uwx + ...

Spin Acquisition, Violent Disks, Compaction and Quenching
relatively thin dense filaments → cold streams the millenium cosmological ... Tweed, Dekel, Teyssier. RAMSES Res. 50 pc. Streams Feeding a Hi-z Galaxy ...

luXEon Z Color line - Lumileds
The LUXEON Z Color Line comprises a broad portfolio of LEDs that ..... Cold- tEstEd ... Figure 1b: Typical normalized power vs. wavelength for LUXEON Z PC  ...

Beam Cooling - CERN Accelerator School
has x, y, z, px, py and pz) ... Electron cooling is like pouring cold electrons on the warm ions. Heat ... Here, Z is the ion charge state and μ is the reduced mass mi.

Experimental Vacuum Squeezing in Rubidium Vapor via Self-Rotation
mixing in atomic vapor [15], Kerr effect in cold atoms [16] or optical fibers [17, 18], optical ... Xx(z), Px(z) and Ey through the medium under station- ary conditions.

$ F $-wave pairing of cold atoms in optical lattices
Oct 1, 2010 ... structure of the px,y-orbital bands in the honeycomb opti- cal lattices combined with a ... posing strong confinement along the z-axis. The px,y-.

ZIF III Circuit Board Retainer - CTS
density PC board mounting applications for military, space, medical, industrial controls, ... COLD PLATE. THERMAL IMPEDANCE IS ... Z 3 A 3 7 S B - 3 - B N L.

AISI 304 DIN 1.4301 - X 5 CrNi 18 10 AFNOR Z 6 CN 18 09
Z 6 CN 18 09 ... This steel can easily be cold rolled, drawn and stamped. ... modified steels such as PX, 316LS or PM with the addition of chip breaking additives ...

Hi-z galaxy formation
clumpy disk z>2 clumpy disk spheroid cold streams hot halo thick disk. M ... Teyssier, Dekel box 300 kpc res 30 pc z = 5.0 to 2.5. Three Streams: filament ...

Modeling Thermal Transport and Viscosity with Molecular - Lammps
Jz(px ) = −η. ∂Vx. ∂z. Jz(px ) = momentum flux in perpendicular direction. ∂Vx. ∂z ... thermo style custom step temp c Thot c Tcold f hot f cold run 20000 ...

Zoom-in cosmological simulations of cold flows-hot halo gas - IAP
Oct 6, 2016 ... Refinement focused on cold gas filaments ... Up to z-2 (defined cold filaments penetrating hot gas halo) ... Required spatial resolution <-10 pc ...

px,y-orbital counterpart of graphene: Cold atoms - Semantic Scholar
px,y-orbital counterpart of graphene: Cold atoms in the honeycomb optical lattice. Congjun Wu1 .... along the z direction, the optical potential distribution can be.

The unusual and dynamic character of PX-DNA - Nucleic Acids
Jul 15, 2015 ... PX molecules that contain periodically placed biotin groups ... present, Z-DNA relaxes supercoils by the formation of left- ..... Cold Spring. Harb.

Lipidomic Analysis of Phosphoglycerolipids - Lipid Maps
Apr 19, 2009 ... + 0.4 ml of cold CHCl. 3 ... The majority fall in the 700 and 900 m/z range ... Quantitation in regions this complex isn't possible. m/z. PC. PE. PG.

$ p_ {x}+ ip_ {y} $ superfluid from s-wave interactions of fermionic
Oct 21, 2008 ... px + ipy superfluid from s-wave interactions of fermionic cold atoms. Chuanwei .... (xy plane) trap. The atomic dynamics along the z axis are.

98, 010506 (2007) - The University of Texas at Dallas
Jan 5, 2007 ... fermionic cold atoms as a platform for topological quantum ... 2D, px З ipy superconductor, in which certain vortex ex- citations .... z ЕxЖ И 0; (3).

Search for cold gas in strong Mg II absorbers at 0.5 \< z \< 1.5: nature
Search for cold gas in strong MgII absorbers at 0.5 < z < 1.5: ... understood if the absorbing gas is patchy with a typical correlation length of ∼30−100 pc.

The inner environment of Z Canis Majoris: High-contrast imaging
We aim to probe the circumbinary environment of Z CMa in the inner 400 au in scattered light. Methods. We use ... 2010). The primary drives a 3.6 pc jet (Poetzel et al. 1989), and ..... tion are urgently needed to study the cold-dust counterpart of .

Web Crippling of Cold Formed Steel C-and Z - Scholars' Mine
72 tests were conducted on C-and Z sections at the University of Waterloo, ... Single web cold formed steel members are typically C-and Z sections that are ...

Download - ZEBEX Industries Inc.
Sep 19, 2014 ... Z-2065 series User's Manual. 4.00 .... Using the Cold reset function . ...... The cradle must also be connected via one of your PC's USB ports.

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