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Past landscape explains forest periphery-to-core gradient of - Hal
May 19, 2016 ... Past landscape explains forest periphery-to-core gradient of understory plant. 1 communities in a reforestation context. 2. 3. Laurent Bergès ...

Past landscape explains forest periphery‐to‐core
land use (3) whether distance to past forest edge explained current species ... periphery-to-core gradient: (1) past landscape and colonization processes and.

Current and Historical Drivers of Landscape Genetic Structure Differ
May 10, 2012 ... 1 Department of Forest Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, ... Among core populations, genetic structure was best explained by .... Core and Peripheral Landscape Genetics ...... have occurred in the recent or distant past [ 15]. ..... genetic diversity down the core-edge gradient in the eastern ...

Understorey plant species show longrange spatial patterns in forest
history traits can discriminate between forest core and forest periphery species? Location: Temperate ... This deep gradient cannot be solely explained by the usual edge-related biotic and .... Distance-to-edge and patch size in landscapes tend to co- vary in their ...... underline the potential extent of past edge displacement.

Forest patch symmetry depends on direction of limiting resource
May 29, 2013 ... of several possible environmental gradients across forest patches. ... differed most from the surrounding scrubland, whereas the core merely ... modified landscapes, patchiness is not necessar- ily formed ..... tion are also a likely explanation for the striking .... of forests past can indeed be identified, and will.

Forest-landscape structure along an urban-to-rural gradient. - SFRC
and periphery: The impacts of the leisure industry ... Human activities and Forest- landscape structure are examined along a belt transect that ... tance from an urban core suggest a gradient of .... processes explained variation in forest-land-.

New publication - The Brudvig Lab - Michigan State University
Sep 7, 2011 ... seed predation did not explain connectivity-enhanced ... fragmented landscapes, this gradient could impact the ... Past work in these landscapes suggests that both ... pine forest, around open habitat patches ... nected the central patch to one peripheral 100 9 .... Core Team 2009) and SAS 8.1 (Littell et al.

Forest recovery in a tropical landscape - Columbia University
Forest recovery in a tropical landscape: what is the relative importance .... in the island during the past 50 years have resulted in dramatic ... 2007), defined as '' peripheral growth that ... outward from the solid built-up core of a metropolitan ... best explain the conversion of agricultural lands to ... This climate gradient, a large.
Crk et al. 2009 LE.pdf

Conservation Genetics
range: Null hypotheses for landscape conservation genetics. John A. Vucetich1∗ & Thomas A. Waite2. 1School of Forestry, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI 49931 ... Compared with populations near the core of a species' range, edge ... patterns in Ne, empirical findings indicate that peripheral populations ...

Estimating effective landscape distances and - US Forest Service
Apr 21, 2015 ... suitability versus genetic data for determining effective landscape distances (a proxy inversely related ... matrix as a gradient of differential permeability .... ulation peripheral area (i.e., the edge of each core ..... of past landscape features is not a particularly ..... ability models effective in explaining gene flow?

Plants & Ecology - DiVA
Further studies on landscape level can shed more light on the underlying mechanisms .... species disperse from the edge areas to core areas of a forest patch (Burkey, ... the literature concerning edge effects can be explained by habitat quality, ... combine with the influence of the original edge gradient and will become.

Report from the WrEN Project, Forest Research, Farnham, Surrey.
Sep 20, 2013 ... Forest Research is the Research Agency of the Forestry Commission and ..... Landscape-scale conservation and ecological networks form a major ... reviewing studies of the impact on biodiversity of past woodland ...... Plant traits differentiated forest core from forest periphery species. Large gradient due to.

Unexpected long-range edge-to-forest interior - HAL - SDE
May 21, 2013 ... Significant edge-to-core gradients of MIV were detected over much larger ranges than ... importance as patch size and distance-to-edge in landscape are generally ... effect” might explain the presence of a generalized long-range ... periphery and the interior of forest patches are likely to occur but have ...

Landscape and Urban Planning 71 - Fraterrigo Lab Home Page
along a gradient of exurban development ... such development often occurs near the periphery of protected areas, it may have ... Principal components analysis ( PCA) distinguished two axes that explained ... Keywords: Human settlement; Low -density development; Coniferous forest; ... During the past three decades, the ex -.

Levin, S.A. (editor). Encyclopedia
Pearson Scott M. (2013) Landscape Ecology and Population Dynamics. In: Levin ... Core and satellite model Network of habitat patches in ... ephemeral populations in peripheral satellite patches. ... properties include gradients in abiotic factors, such as the ...... their distribution on the landscape is better explained by past.

Habitat Differences Influence Genetic Impacts of Human Land Use
Aug 19, 2014 ... they are in the core or in the marginal part of the species' range. Using data from ... peripheral populations may harbor lower genetic diversity ... tree species, along a gradient of environmental suitability in ... ral reforestation produced a landscape where forests cover ..... Factors Explaining Genetic Variation.

Subsistence Ecology in the Mediterranean Forest - JStor
core area. The Core Area. Researchers presently dichotomize the. Natufian landscape. The core ... past two decades (Betts 1982, 1985; Cau- vin 1977 ... forest, in contrast to the peripheral, open ... Millennia of use of the landscape for .... als, explaining that, in these cases, the ..... gradient changes, allow a buildup of fer-.

The fate of Amazonian forest fragments: A 32-year investigation - Duke
Oct 18, 2010 ... Over the past 32 years, Amazonian forest fragments ..... fragmented landscapes in the Amazon, such as major fires and log- ... are the hypothesized explanation for the absence of many rare .... heat, and light, creating sharp edge-interior gradients in forest ..... Further, the core areas of reserves should.

Full-Text PDF -
Aug 10, 2016 ... the urban-rural gradient as measured by five class-level landscape metrics. ..... In Greater Hangzhou, cropland, developed land, and forest are the dominant ... The 6–12 km distance from the city core was typical urban periphery, which was ... explained by the recent recovery of wild and semi-natural ...

Genomic signals of diversification along ecological gradients in a
differentiated predominantly along the forest–ecotone gradient—in ... in mitochondrial sequence data support a population expansion out of a core ... Keywords: ecological gradient, landscape genetics, lizards, natural selection, ... been investigated in the past. ..... distance to explaining the observed genetic variation,.

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