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Calculation of meteoroid impacts on moon and earth - ScienceDirect
Contrary to other published results, we find an accretion rate which is lower for the near side of the moon than for the far side and which is lower for the moon ...

Topographic-compositional units on - Spudis Lunar Resources
Dec 16, 1994 ... The hypsograms for the near side and far side of the moon are distinctly different, and these differences correlate with differences in ...

Earth, Moon, and Sun Earth, Moon, and Sun - AIMS
Star Near, Star Far ............................. 65 ... U The moon looks a little different every day, but looks the same again ... sun, and the moon orbits around the earth.

Earth's Gravitational Attraction to the Moon and the Resulting Tides
While the Moon orbits the Earth, it will continue to lengthen our days (Brosche, 1984). ... between the far and near side of the moon is more significant than the ...

Tidal Heating of Moons - NMSU Astronomy What causes ocean .... gravity on the near and far side of a moon? The smaller an object is,.

prediction format - Lunar Occultations
[Because of this, there are far more information messages in this example than would .... N (north) or S (south), but near full moon can be E (East) or W (west).

The Universe: From Near to Far - CiteSeerX
Mar 9, 2000 ... From Near to Far. David Newman ... system. The asteroid Eros as filmed by the NASA NEAR project on Monday ... viewed from the moon.

By Sun power to the Moon - ESA Science & Technology
Hipparcos, which fixed the positions of the stars far more accurately .... larly large basin near the Moon's South Pole, which SMART-1 will scrutinize. Our own ...

The Moon Orbits the Sun?!?! - NASA
Aug 19, 2005 ... Subject Keywords: gravitation, force, Moon, Sun, Earth, tides, inverse ..... gravitational field on the near side and far side of Earth, near and far ...

Is the Moon really larger near the horizon?
To the eye, the Moon appears much larger when it is near horizon. ..... on the Moon, instead of the actual diameter, provided the features are almost as far.

The Last Total Solar Eclipse…Ever! - Space Math @ NASA
Problem 3 - The smallest angular size of the sun occurs near the summer solstice at ... How far away, in kilometers, does the moon have to be to match the sun's ...

Seeing the Moon - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - NASA
the Moon's far side was taken by the Soviet Luna 3 probe, using film that was ... crust—the crust of the near side is much thinner than the far side—but how and ...
LRO litho2-seeing.pdf

investigating the moon - Lunar and Planetary Institute - USRA
Students should already be familiar with the Moon's scale relative to the Earth, and with the Moon's ... compare and contrast the Moon's near side and far side.
index.cfm;jsessionid=4230fd7861a9a5b63eb47195e3e5e1e7f5f2?action=view_attachment&itemid=223&name=Investigating the Moon.pdf

LRO: Lunar Topography - Lunar and Planetary Institute
LUNAR RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER: Detailed Topography of the Moon. -8. -6. -4. -2. 0 ... far side of the Moon is much higher than on the near side. The near ...

A Collection of Curricula for the STARLAB Moon Cylinder
the Apollo Moon landings, compare the near and far sides of the lunar surface, ... tures of the near side of the Moon consist of one without labels; one with labels.

Origin of the Moon from the Earth Some new mechanisms and
of the hypothesis of lunar origin by fission than of other hypotheses. ... effects were concentrated near the earth's sur- if ever present, would still be reflected in earth's face so that the heat .... time being far greater than at any time in the past.

a Field Trip to the Moon! - American Museum of Natural History
between Earth and the Moon, and what makes our ... Moon and find out more about the history of NASA's .... Compare the near and far sides of the Moon.

A mission to the farside of the Moon
Jan 12, 2015 ... The farside of the Moon is the most radio-quiet region in near- ..... Representative heat flow measurements far from terrane boundaries are.

Report of the Task Force on potentially hazardous NEAR EARTH
Asteroid and comet impact craters on far side of Moon. ... Impact effects by size of Near Earth Object .... telescope, to be searched for Near Earth Objects on a.

Tidal distortion: Earth tides and Roche lobes - Cambridge University
Force calculations. 5. Force on earth–moon line • Force with moon on horizon .... The tidal bulges on the near and far sides of the earth (from the moon) would be ...
7708_Tidal distortion.pdf

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