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Decidable matching for convergent systems - Semantic Scholar
the semantic matching is performed has a convergent rewrite system. ... procedure is provably terminating, thus implying that the semantic unification or semantic ... semantic restrictions on the rewrite system presenting a theory, which result in ...

for equational theories described by convergent rewrite systems nite sets of equations that ... restrictions on the equations under which simpler sets of transformation rules are su ... the goal which result in decidability of semantic matching.

Higher-Order Narrowing with Convergent Systems
The improvements of narrowing include a restriction of nar- rowing at ... With higher-order narrowing we solve higher-order unification problems mod- ulo such .... For rewriting it is possible to ignore this, as only matching of a left-hand side of a ...

On the Unification Problem for Cartesian Closed Categories
CCC-matching and unification form the basis for an elegant and practical solution to the ..... an AC-convergent term rewriting system for the equa- tional theory.

Variant Narrowing and Equational Unification - Formal Methods and
modulo an equational theory E. If the equations E are convergent, it is well- ... system specified as a rewrite theory of the form R = (Σ,E,R), where the states ... finite variant property modulo B, and we have a finitary unification algorithm for B. .... substitution σ such that tσ =E t ; such a substitution σ is said to be an E-match.

Towards a better-behaved unification algorithm for Coq - RISC - JKU
Jul 13, 2014 ... Meseguer on Extensible Symbolic System Analysis. ..... If there is no restriction on the number of times that a variable uses its .... matching and unification on compressed terms (see Gascón et al., ..... convergent rewrite system.

Higher-Order Rewriting with Types and Arities - LIX
normal rewriting with a set of rules R modulo a convergent system S equipped ... normal forms for S together with higher-order pattern matching and unification ... For the sake of place and simplicity, we restrict ourselves to a simple type system  ...

The RTA List of Open Problems
Jun 28, 2012 ... Foundations: matching and unification; completion techniques; strate- ...... ) convergent reductions for restricted classes of rewrite systems.

Unification and Matching in Separable Theories – technicalities
unification [31]; for tableaux proof systems, when the logic comes with some .... that matching, hence the theories need to be more restricted. Whereas for matching ..... case with convergent rewrite systems, but when we work modulo equations.

Built-in Variant Generation and Unification, and Their Applications in
Restricted equational theories. Narrowing: rules ... Built-in Variant-based unification: wide class of equational theories. .... When Ax = ∅ and E convergent and coherent TRS modulo Ax. Narrowing .... Given (Σ,E ∪ Ax,R) as a concurrent system, a symbolic ... terms and by performing unification instead of matching in order.

Unification in Boolean Rings and Abelian Groups - ScienceDirect
May 28, 2008 ... The restriction of cr to Y c X is denoted by 0fly. .... Note also that constant matching is impossible in the free theory. ... 86; Hsiang & Rusinowitch 87), to E U E' yields a (possibly infinite) convergent set R of equations for semi- deciding .... Consider the system {x ---- f(a),y = f(b), z --- y + z} Unification in Boolean ...

Higher-order unification via combinators - ScienceDirect
Mar 26, 2002 ... Higher-order unification is undecidable [16], even when restricted to .... Unfortunately, no convergent rewrite system is known for C-equality. ..... Bm. So, B'p - B' and the pairs of B' 2:" match the pairs of d, except that the trivial ...

A Generalized Approach to Equational Unification - BitSavers
convergent rewriting system is a complete and terminating decision procedure for .... of 0 IS restricted to the variables in tls), a is unique and is called the match.

Nominal Narrowing - Departamento de Matemática
for nominal versions of unification and matching, [22], [8] for nominal equational .... For every substitution σ, we define the restriction of σ to. V as the substitution that ..... presented by a convergent nominal rewrite system. The pro- cedure is ...

UNIF 26 26th International Workshop on Unification - CiteSeerX
Jul 1, 2012 ... On Matching Concurrent Traces . .... on our decision to restrict unification to the case of ground ontologies. In fact, if we lifted ..... cus is only on convergent term rewriting systems, this definition can be modified as s ! t u ! v.
of +, with the well-known convergent rewrite system RAG for AG, plus a set of ground rewrite rules R that ..... For example, apart from the unification restrictions.

Larch Technical Report - UMD Department of Computer Science
Dec 31, 1991 ... Complex systems cannot be evaluated solely in the abstract. ..... Optional arguments to the display command can be used to restrict ..... If a rewriting system is convergent, its rewriting theory (that is, the ... Operationally, it causes LP to use equational term-rewriting to match and unify terms (see Section 5.3).

LIPIcs-FSCD-2016-11.pdf - DROPS - Schloss Dagstuhl
Keywords and phrases Nominal Rewriting, Nominal Unification, Matching, .... define σ|V (the restriction of σ to V ) as the substitution that maps X to σ(X) if X ∈ V ...... Since E is a closed nominal theory presented by a convergent rewrite system ...

Variants, Unification, Narrowing, and Symbolic Reachability in
symbolic reachability analysis of a concurrent system whose equational ... E needs a restricted simultaneous E-unification algorithm which solves the .... modulo Ax only at the root position, but then the matching substitution is E,Ax- irreducible. ... The convergence and sort-decreasingness of equational Maude spec-.

Algebraic Intruder Deductions - Department of Computer Science
We motivate the different restrictions made in our model by highlighting different ways .... We assume that notions like substitution, matching, unification, and unifia- bility are defined as ... A term-rewriting system (TRS) is a set of rewrite rules. ... results for equality modulo E. Formally, if →C/E is convergent and t1 and t2 are.

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