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High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of SNR 1987A : Chandra LETG
post-shock plasma temperatures inferred from spectral fits. This result .... The positive and negative first-order LETG spectra for each of the nine observations.

Chandra High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Circumnuclear Matter
A 200 ks Chandra LETG observation of 3C 445 reveals the presence of several highly ionized emission lines in the soft X-ray spectrum, primarily from the He ...

The X-ray spectrum of a planetary nebula at high resolution
Energy Transmission Gratings in combination with its Advanced CCD Imaging. Spectrometer (LETG/ACIS-S). The LETG/ACIS-S spectrum of BD+30◦3639 is.

Chandra HETG Spectra of SN 1987A at 20 years
Feb 16, 2008 ... years after its explosion with the Chandra HETG and LETG spectrometers. Here we present the HETG X-ray spectra of SN1987A having ...

Article PDF - IOPscience
Using all available Chandra LETG spectra and analysis ... with 3.5 confidence in the ACIS/LETG spectrum, but no other absorption lines are found at the same ...

Diffuse Hot Gas under X-ray Absorption line Spectroscopy
Absorption line Spectroscopy. Daniel Wang and ... observations (6 with the LETG ) ... A systematic analysis of Chandra grating spectra of XBs and. AGNs to study ...

A new soft X-ray spectral model for polars with an application to AM
The model is based on the analysis of the Chandra LETG spectrum of the prototype polar AM Her and involves an exponential distribution of the emitting area ...

Subgraphs and the Laplacian spectrum of a graph - ScienceDirect
Kirkland AMS classification: 05C50 Keywords: Graph spectra Laplacian matrix Tree LetG be a graph andH a subgraph ofG. In this paper, a set of pairwise ...

astro-ph/0012129 PDF - arXiv.org
Chandra Grating Spectroscopy of the Seyfert Galaxy Ton S180. T.J.Turner 1,2, I.M. ... but the Chandra LETG spectrum reveals it to be broad and smooth, rather.

Chandra Grating Spectroscopy of the Seyfert Galaxy Ton S180
but the Chandra LETG spectrum reveals it to be broad and smooth, rather ... A Chandra ACIS/LETG observation of Ton S180 was performed as part of a.

Chandra LETG Observations of Supernova Remnant 1987A
Mar 13, 2006 ... spectra into one spectrum each for the positive and negative LETG arms ... We generated the ancillary response functions for all LETG spectra.

X-Ray Absorption By WHIM in the Sculptor Wall
Jan 24, 2009 ... We present XMM RGS and Chandra LETG observations of the blazar, ... Our simultaneous analysis of the RGS and LETG spectra yields a 3σ.

Article PDF - IOPscience
He-like oxygen and H-like nitrogen can be detected in the co-added LETG spectrum of Mrk 421 down to a sensitivity of NO vii ! 8 ; 1014 cmА2 and NN vii !

Article PDF - IOPscience - Institute of Physics
May 20, 2013 ... Si along this line of sight were measured using spectra from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory's LETG/ACIS-S and XMM-Newton's RGS ...

Article PDF - IOPscience
of short-timescale variability in the soft X-ray spectrum. We completed the analysis of the LETG and RGS spectra of CAL 83 with new NLTE line-blanketed model ...

Chandra Low Energy Transmission Grating Spectrum of SS Cygni in
Feb 23, 2004 ... ergy Transmission Grating (LETG) spectrum of SS Cyg in out- burst. A preliminary discussion of this spectrum is supplied by Mauche (2004) ...

arXiv:1510.06348 v1 [astro-ph - arXiv.org
Oct 21, 2015 ... Low Energy Transmission Grating spectrometer (LETG), paired with its High Resolution Camera for spectroscopy (HRC-S). The 18–35˚A X-ray ...

of short-timescale variability in the soft X-ray spectrum. We completed the analysis of the LETG and RGS spectra of CAL 83 with new NLTE line-blanketed model ...

Magnetic Hydrogen Atmosphere Models and the Neutron Star RX
fit the entire spectrum, from X-rays to optical, of RX J1856.5−3754, within the un- certainties. ..... Higher-order Responses for HRC-S/LETG Spectra”5, “Cre-.

X-ray Spectroscopy of Hot Plasma in and around Galaxies
electric absorption→ unbiased measurements of the global ISM. Yao & Wang 2006, Yao et al. 2006, Futamoto et al 2004. LETG+HETG spectrum of LMXB 1820 - ...

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