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Nanostructured Materials in Optical Fiber Sensing - Bentham Open
Feb 1, 2013 ... ample, in [21], an optical fiber humidity sensor based on. SiO2 nanoparticles is .... which protects the QD nanofilm from the environment while it is still .... In addition, different sensors based on SPR have been devel- oped for the .... (up to 3,000 m2·g-1) [152] while the investigation of the sens- ing properties ...

Recent Progress in Electrochemical HbA1c Sensors: A Review
Mar 17, 2015 ... The response mechanism for amperometric HbA1c sensors based on haptoglobin .... The surface of an Au-coated SPR probe was modified with a .... ( ITO) electrode was coated with poly(aminophenylboronic acid) ..... using a gold nanofilm grown by a seed-mediated technique and covered with mixed.

Accepted papers of the EUROSENSORS2016 Conference
Takeshi Ito, Noriyoshi Yamanishi, Naoto Asai, Tomohiro Shimizu, Shoso ... Fabrication and Characterization of Fast Response H2 Sensor Based on Pd-Pt .... Few-Layer graphene Langmuir-Schaefer nanofilms for H2 Gas Sensing .... Investigation and Analysis of Zinc Phthalocyanine Films for Resonant Gas Sensor.

Nanofilm ep4 - Accurion
visible wavelength range allowing the easy investigation of moving samples ... to work in a large variety of applications (SPR or Solid/. Liquid cells ... to be put into a computer based model of the sample materials to ... 3D thickness map of PEDOT on ITO .... The new align sensor provides free space for add-ons. (e.g. AFM ...

Investigation of Gold Nanostructures on Silicon Using
electroplating using a sulfite-based electrolyte instead of toxic gold-cyanide. The used ... nanoelectromechanical systems [1,2], sensors. [3 ], electronic textile [4 ], ...

June 4 - The 7th International Conference on Surface Plasmon
Jun 4, 2015 ... for surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors based on 2D metallic .... We demonstrate effective surface plasmon propagation along thin gold nanofilm in a blue and UV ..... This in turn leads to a local change in the refractive index of the ITO ..... Investigation of Interaction and Rabi Splitting of Surface and ...
4.Abstracts_Poster_June4-part I.pdf

Recent Advances in Nanotechnology Applied to Biosensors
Feb 17, 2009 ... SPR spectrum will present two absorption bands: a weaker ... GNR based immunosensors have advantages such as simplicity, being label free, .... Quantum dots have been subject to intensive investigations because of their unique .... electrodes or nanofilms and using novel properties to fabricate a new ...
1033-1053 Volume 9, Issue 2 (February 2009).pdf

MIP sensors – the electrochemical approach | SpringerLink
Molecularly imprinted polymersElectrochemistrySensorsNanotechnology .... MIP sensors based on electrosynthesised PPy ... Voltammetric. [58]. PPy. Zearalenone. SPR. [59]. PPy. Caffeine. Voltammetric. [60] ..... in the presence of the alkaloid on an indium tin oxide (ITO) electrode [95]. ..... PPy Nanofilms/ Carbon Nanotubes.

Plasmonics on
Long before scientists have started to investigate the optical properties of metal nanostructures, they have been used by artists to generate brilliant colors in ...

Nanocomposite Films for Gas Sensing - InTech
Apr 19, 2011 ... mechanisms for gas sensors based on nanocomposite films. www.intechopen. .... Surface plasma resonance (SPR) gas sensors using very thin Au-WO3-x nanocomposite thin films were ... For example, the mesoporous TiO2 on ITO/ glass was immersed in Au nanocrystal ...... Investigation on novel poly (3-.

Electrodéposition de films de SnO2 nanostructurés pour -
1.2.4 Metal oxide thin films as sensing matrix ................................................................. ... .... CHAPTER III: Label-free DNA biosensors based on SnO2 nanoporous films ...... on Au [14] and ITO [15] electrodes. In some cases .... SPR biosensors, represented in Figure 1.5, investigate changes in refractive index caused by structural ...

nanotr6 submıssıon summary - NanoTR-VI
129 - Investigation of nucleation and growth mechanism during formation of poly( azure A) ..... 67 - Fabrication and Band Gap Engineering of Ternary Nanofilms by ... sensor for stripping voltammetric determination of cadmium (II) based on .... 541 - Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Transparent Conductive Thin Films Elaborated by ...

Abstracts - SciTechnol
Motivation: To investigate the feasibility of odor prints for discriminating the ovarian ... and the healthy controls with nanomaterial-based sensors and screen volatile ..... matrix (ECM), which make them ideal candidates for LbL nanofilm fabrication. ... Resonance (SPR) and Ellipsometry presented the consistent build- up of ...

'Molecular Imprinting' as Multidisciplinary Material Science: Today
Dec 20, 2015 ... prerequisite for MIP based highly sensitive chemo-sensors. [26]. ... indium-doped tin oxide (ITO), quartz crystal microbalance .... methods of surface plasman resonance (SPR) and acoustic ... Investigation into protein imprinting mechanism and ..... nanowires, nanotubes and nanofilms can be generated via.

Book of abstracts - Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden
Mar 12, 2014 ... Y. Battie et al., Investigation of the first step nucleation of two dimensional .... nanostructured ITO/Ag hybrid layers by node spline method ... in a ZnO-based planar microcavity under pulsed .... 42 Optical properties of nanofilms of wide bandgap BaTiO3 .... 66 Gas sensors using the SPR-effect detected by.
Book of abstracts.pdf

Profile - University of Calcutta
A.Basuray, M. Ray(Shah), B.N.Ray; "A microprocessor based on-line optical .... K. Brahmachari, S. Ghosh and M. Ray, “Surface plasmon resonance based sensing of different ... Sharmila Ghosh and Mina Ray, “Investigation of surface plasmon resonance ... Conducting Oxides: ITO and AZO”, Journal of Optics, 43, 3 , pp.

Abstracts - the KJF International Conference on Organic Materials
Sep 7, 2015 ... Biomimetics is the innovative paradigm shift based on biodiversity for .... with ITO/ PEDOT:PSS/PTB7:C70/Al structure was approximately 3% under ... were prepared to investigate the effect of free rotation of ... chemical/biological sensors. ... their unique surface plasmon resonance (SPR) property resulting.

Effects of silver nanoparticles towards the efficiency of - UMexpert
metallic nanoparticles are in fast development based on the. K.S. Hamdan ... growth, solar cells, sensors and actuators, and computer chips [6–12]. ... plasmon resonance (SPR) in a device can be tailored as its strength ... Silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) were deposited on ITO- ... After the annealing process, silver nanofilms.

Frontline Scientific Research Projects Advanced in - 日本学術振興会
carried out based on the free ideas of researchers themselves—research in ..... (1 ) Essence of Size Effects on Strength of Metallic Nano-Films ... (Kei Ito:The University of Tokyo, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, ... (5) Investigation of Differential Immune Status among Cancer Patients and Development of.

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