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Improving Shadows and Reflections via the Stencil Buffer
Improving Shadows and Reflections via the Stencil Buffer. Mark J. Kilgard. *. NVIDIA Corporation. “Slap textures on polygons, throw them at the screen, and let ...

Creating Reflections and Shadows Using Stencil Buffers
Creating Reflections and. Shadows Using Stencil. Buffers. Mark J. Kilgard ... new cool effects and improve scene quality ... Tests against value from stencil buffer;.

Practical and Robust Stenciled Shadow Volumes for - Jan Kautz
Mar 12, 2002 ... ago, Heidmann described a hardware-accelerated stencil buffer- ...... [15] Mark Kilgard, “Improving Shadows and Reflections via the Stencil.

Shadow Mapping and Shadow Volumes: Recent - Andy Nealen
... to shadow mapping which are better suited to high quality off-line renderers and describe the .... When computing the shadow query using the stencil buffer as described above, the ..... Improving shadows and reflections via the stencil buffer.

Pipeline Rendering: Interactive Refractions, Reflections and Shadows
Jun 6, 1994 ... We provide recursive reflections through the use of secondary viewpoints, and present a method for .... a smooth scrolling of the background behind the face. ... stencil buffer for shadow calculation and half for recursive levels.

shadow algorithms - Computer Graphics Group
point of view of the light using a Z-Buffer to compute surfaces visible to the light. ..... "Improving Shadows and Reflections via the Stencil Buffer". nVIDIA ...

A Shadow Volume Algorithm for Opaque and Transparent Non
Jul 20, 2008 ... meshes and an additional extension to shadows of transparent casters. ..... “ Improving Shadows and Reflections via the Stencil. Buffer.

Shadow maps: a survey
include: fake shadows; shadow volumes; depth buffer (traditional shadow maps); ray tracing. ...... Improving shadows and reflections via the stencil buffer.

Shadow Volumes
enclosed. ▻ Use several view frusta/shadow maps if necessary. 3 .... planar reflections. ▻ portal rendering. 22 ... Video. ▻ Using the stencil buffer, rendering a stencil mirror tutorial ... Inverting is better if all shadow volumes have no polygon ...

View PDF - CiteSeerX
and enables users to interactively modify vector data through the visual representation. .... textures [7], shadows and reflections [11], multi-texturing [17], ... rendering techniques improve drastically visual quality, exactness, ..... Stencil Buffer.

A Generalized Scene Graph
Game Development, 2000. [8] M.J. Kilgard, "Improving Shadows and. Reflections via the Stencil Buffer",. NVIDIA White Paper, 2000. [9] T. McReynolds, D. Blythe ...

Real-Time Global Illumination for VR Applications - CiteSeerX
move through the VR they would see real-time cor- relations of their ... dynamics including shadows and reflections, per- formance is limited .... ance and irradiance maps for improved efficiency ... is to use the stencil buffer to render a reflected.

Real-Time Global Illumination for Virtual Reality - CiteSeerX
through the scene with appropriate shadows and reflections. CR Categories: .... cil buffer to render a reflected view of the scene as seen through the specular ...

Stencil Shadow Volumes - Niksula
Apr 15, 2002 ... Stencil shadows are needed especially when the scene is too dynamic for precalculated ... technique through special “stencil buffer”. ... due to the tremendous increase in the processing power of both the CPUs and the ... The calculation of intersections, reflections and refractions is not trivial for an arbitrary.

real-time recursive specular reflections on planar and curved
allow for the simulation of glossy reflections using image-filtering. We show that the .... Planar recursive re- flections are captured using either the stencil-buffer.
Rea-time Recursive Specular Reflections on Planar and Curved Surfaces Using Graphics Hardware.pdf

Real Time RENDERING OPTICAL Effects of Water
Because objects are not completely smooth, the specular reflections will vary a little, making the reflection on the ... paper; reflections, refractions, shadows, and caustics. ..... Using the Depth Buffer to simulate water murkiness and color. As light ...

Interactive 3D Visualization of Vector Data in GIS - CS/NVC Home
and enables users to interactively modify vector data through the ..... [11] Kilgard, M.J. Improving Shadows and Reflections via the. Stencil Buffer. NVIDIA White ...

Adaptive Tessellation in Screen Space Curved Reflections - cescg
Figure 2: Left: Approximate reflection using Environment. Mapping with errors. ... to improve the visual quality of the resulting image. Our approach tessellates the ..... Improving shadows and reflections via the stencil buffer. Advanced OpenGL ...

shadow rendering techniques: hard and soft - CiteSeerX
Overall smooth shadows can be obtained when using an area light source. ( Figure C). .... 2.1.3 Basic Shadow Volume Algorithm (Use stencil buffer as counter): The .... Bump mapping. Figure Pre-computed reflection mapping ...
Shadow rendering techniques hard and soft.pdf

Approval Sheet Title of Thesis: Interactive Illumination Using Large
We apply our techniques to the problems of rendering soft shadows from area ... We present experimental results showing a significant performance improvement over a more ...... A screen-aligned buffer is used to store a depth value for each .... mirror reflections, indirect illumination, and caustics (the focusing of light by ...

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