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The HESS multi-messenger program
Sep 10, 2015 ... In this contribution the H.E.S.S. multi-messenger program is introduced ... The search for gamma-ray emission following gravitational wave ... The key question to resolve the long standing mystery of the origin of ... events with the identifiers IC-5 and IC-18 (see [4]) have been studied in the GeV γ-ray domain.

The Dawn of Multi-Messenger Astronomy
Jul 1, 2016 ... current status and future plans for multi-messenger searches of neutrino sources. 1. .... neutrino positions that are likely astrophysical in origin. ... cent correlation studies have concentrated on searching for EM emission ... The VERITAS [24], MAGIC [25], H.E.S.S. [26], and CTA [27] curves are given for 50.

Acceleration of petaelectronvolt protons in the Galactic Centre
Mar 24, 2016 ... 3Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 31 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Ireland. 1 .... hadronic origin of the diffuse emission7, where the γ-rays result from the .... of HESS J1745-29021, the multi-TeV protons accelerated by this object and then ..... Multiwavelength and multi-messenger signatures of PeVatrons.

Posters for presentation at Gamma2016 (as of 01.07.2016) 1
Angioni, Roberto: VLBI and gamma-ray studies of TANAMI radio galaxies ... Hernandez Cadena, Sergio: Searching Dark Matter Signatures from the Virgo Cluster with ... Ksenofontov, Leonid: On the origin of gamma-ray emission from SN 1006 ... Schuessler, Fabian: The H.E.S.S. multi-messenger program: searches for TeV ...

The High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory | SpringerLink
May 30, 2014 ... ... will also promptly initiate campaigns of multi-messenger observations. The main objectives of the HAWC collaboration are to contribute to the study of the origin of .... including a significant overlap with the HESS survey of the galactic ..... Recent studies have attempted to measure the IGMF by searching ...

Multi-messenger astronomy: gravitational waves, neutrinos, photons
In the next decade, multi-messenger astronomy will probe the rich physics of .... expected to give origin to the engine (BH or magnetar and accretion plus an accretion disk), ... approach would require gamma-ray detection by observatories like HESS, MAGIC, ... search for GWs for statistical studies and for single events.

Multimessenger Approach to Search for Cosmic Ray Anisotropies
The origin of the highest energy cosmic rays is still unknown. The discovery of their ... In this thesis, we adopt the so-called “multi-messenger” approach to search for .... studies. The Search for large-scale anisotropies (Chapter 3) is based on material from: ... Hess would win the Nobel prize for the discovery of cosmic rays.

VHE and Multi-Wavelength Data Analysis of HESS J1741−302
HESS J1741−302 is an unidentified very-high-energy (VHE) γ-ray source .... 4.3. 1.3 Searching for the Ultimate Nature of Matter and Physics .... The astronomical objects that are studied in VHE γ-ray astronomy can be summarized ... The origin of a source can be traced back only by using neutral messengers, namely γ-rays  ...

TeVPA Conference 2015 Book of abstracts
Oct 26, 2015 ... Invited Talk: Future direct search for various types of dark matter. 3 ..... Strong support for a millisecond pulsar origin of the galactic center GeV excess. 30 ... H.E.S.S. multi-messenger and real-time follow-up observations. 34 .... Highlights from VERITAS studies of TeV astroparticle physics. 46.

PDF (775.9 KB) - EPJ Web of Conferences
searching for astrophysical neutrinos in the TeV/PeV range: ANTARES ... sources of various extensions and multi-messenger analyses based on time ... The quest for the origin of cosmic rays (CRs) is, a century after their discovery, ... studies of clustering in the CR arrival directions to the analysis of secondary particles like.

pdf - arXiv.org
2.1 Supernova Remnants and the origin of Cosmic Rays. ..... The HESS II experiment will lower the energy threshold to about 20 GeV. .... to targeted observation proposals favouring multiwavelength studies. The CTA project aims to emerge as a cornerstone in a networked multi-wavelength, multi-messenger exploration of.

CF6 Working Group Summary - arXiv.org
Oct 25, 2013 ... experiments, and the H.E.S.S. [24], VERITAS [25], MAGIC [26] and Milagro [27] experiments in ... the fundamental physics studied with astrophysical accelerators . ... Determine the origin of the highest energy particles in the universe and .... In the absence of multi-messenger signals multi-wavelength energy.

Searches for Time Dependent Neutrino Sources with IceCube Data
May 19, 2015 ... and despite being extensively studied for many years the origin and the acceleration ... The “Search for Triggered Multi-Messenger Flares” makes .... TeV γ-rays: LS 5039 [30], LS I +61 303 [31], and HESS J0632+057 [32].

Reengineering observatory operations for the time domain - arXiv.org
Robert L. Seamanaa, W. Thomas Vestrandb, Frederic V. Hessmanc ... public and private, multi-wavelength, multi-messenger observatories providing ... The astronomical community has a long history of shared effort on common standards and ... Indeed, often instruments are shared between multiple telescopes requiring ...

Probing Cosmic Rays with VERITAS: Observations of M 31 and the
Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (IceCube and LIGO) . ...... of seeing what happens if I have a go and the excitement of finding ... Since their discovery in 1912 by Victor Hess (Hess, 1912) the origin of these .... designed for cosmic-ray studies.

APS Neutrino Study: Report of the Neutrino Astrophysics and
Oct 29, 2004 ... the effects of neutrinos, and prominent among them is the search for the effects of neutrino mass, since ... Leptogenesis and the origin of the baryon asymmetry ..... The rich potential of multi-messenger astronomy remains an enticing ... we also know from recent studies of the atmospheric and solar neutrino ...

A review of indirect searches for particle dark matter
Mar 31, 2016 ... Arguably the most studied category of dark matter candidates is Weakly Interacting ..... a smoking gun, unambiguously identifying the origin of the signal as ... H.E.S.S.(-II), .... Multi-wavelength and multi-messenger analysis may also help, .... emission and detected point sources, and then searching for an ...

Multi messenger astronomy and CTA: TeV cosmic rays and electrons. P. Picozza ... Monte Carlo design studies for the Cherenkov Telescope Array. K. Bernlöhr ...

A New Window to the Universe? Searching for Ultra-High-Energy
messenger particles for the exploration of the Universe. ... origin of Ultra-High- Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECRs), would not only open a new ... Both observables are combined in a multi- ..... In 1912, Victor Franz Hess discovered cosmic rays, which ... above 1018 eV, which can only be studied using the extensive air showers ...

Results from the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope with Six Years of Data
Mar 24, 2015 ... 2) the search for an excess of events above a given energy, using the fact ... Finally, the third multi-messenger method relies on the time .... and from the Cherenkov Telescopes HESS, MAGIC and VERITAS. .... Besides atmospheric neutrino studies, several searches for neutrinos of astrophysical origin have ...

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