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Gas Chromatographic Equivalent Chain Length (ECL) Values of
Mar 14, 2014 ... ECL values of fatty acids on SLB-IL111. Bull. Fish. Sci. Hokkaido Univ. 64(1), 9- 16, 2014. Gas Chromatographic Equivalent Chain Length (ECL) ...

Standard equivalent chain length values of monoenic and polyenic
The equivalent chain length (ECL) values of the methyl esters of 83 defined fatty acids ... raphy (GC) on three fused silica DB-WAX and three DB-1 columns. ECL  ...

An Alternative Method for the Calculation of Equivalent Chain
Esters in Gas Chromatography ... oils, the calculated ECN values are very close to the widely accepted equivalent ... Gas chromatographic (GC) identification of fatty acid methyl ... The equivalent chain length (ECL) and equivalent carbon.

Understanding Fatty Acid Naming - MIDI, Inc.
Traditional gas chromatography of complex mixtures of compounds ... entry into the peak naming table of the Equivalent Chain Lengths (ECL) ... Each printout of an analysis indicates the ECL value of each peak and the deviation from the ...

Identification of Bacteria by Gas Chromatography of Cellular .... mixture is converted to Equivalent Chain Length (ECL) data for ... The ECL value for each fatty ...

Gas Chromatographic Characterization of Fatty Acids
of an equivalent chain length (E.C.L.) for each component. This E.C.L. value was independent of operating conditions such as column temperature, carrier gas ...

Bulletin 855B Analyzing Fatty Acids by Capillary Gas Chromatography
Bulletin 855B. Described here are capillary gas chromatographic analyses of .... importance of using equivalent chain length (ECL) values (3,4) to predict the ...

Fatty Acid/FAME Application Guide - Sigma-Aldrich
of carbon chain lengths. ... products for the GC analysis of fatty acids, either as free fatty acids or as fatty ...... of FAME equivalent chain length (ECL) values and.

Gas chromatographic behavior of fatty acid - Archimer - Ifremer
Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) are the most widely used derivatives for GC analysis. .... Equivalent chain lengths (ECL) were also calculated for each derivative using ... In GC, Rs values and retention times depend on column parameters ...

Fatty acids : VIII. Gas-liquid chromatographic properties of all
The equivalent chain length of each isomer is recorded (including the Δ2t,6c .... The ECL values of all the dimethylene interrupted methyl trans,trans-octa- ...

Effect of Column Length on Forecasted Retention Times and Carbon
Temperature-programmed Gas Chromatography ... are equivalent chain length ( ECL)2 and carbon number ... has no effect on the values of the four parameters.

Improved methods for the analysis of trans fatty acids - IFFO
IR-spectroscopy for detection of double-bond trans-geometry, and GC- analyses for ..... of FAME are often described by ECL-values (equivalent chain length).
Improved methods for analysis of fatty acid isomers 2001-1-SSF.pdf

Comparison of Separations of Fatty Acids from Fish Products Using
Equivalent chain length (ECL) values of most FAME in fish were calculated from the separations achieved by use of both GC columns; the values obtained were ...

Fatty Acid Composition of Oil in Snow Crab opilio) by Gas
performed by the gas chromatographic equivalent chain length (ECL) method (3), using both polar and nonpolar stationary liquid phases. Results from this ...

Characterization of unsaturated fatty acids by gas-liquid - Springer
The equivalent chain length (ECL) has been determined on 79 methyl esters of unsaturated fatty acids and on 7 ethyl esters by gas chromatography. ... esters have ECL values on Apiezon L lower than the number of carbon atoms of the acid.

Cellular Fatty Acid Compositions of an Unidentified Organism - NCBI
determined by capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The fatty acid profile ... comparing computer-calculated equivalent chain length. (ECL) values ... Compared with the ECL values for several other saturated 19-carbon.

Hydroxy Fatty Acids in Bacteroides Species: D-(-)-3 - NCBI
The relative amount and chain length distribution of the hydroxy fatty acids, as well as the .... determination of "equivalent chain length" (ECL) as a function of ... Capillary gas chromatographic patterns of methyl esters, cellular fatty acids of composite sample as various ... termine the ECL values), the lesser components.

Downloaded - InTech
Feb 29, 2012 ... Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Plant and Insect. Surface ..... b. positional isomers of unsaturated FAME: the ECL values increase with increasing .... The equivalent chain-lengths (ECL) of the methyl ester derivatives of 79 ...

Characterization of Fatty Acid Isomers in Dehydrated Castor Oil by
mental peak analysis of GC–MS total ion chromatogram mass fragmentation pattern ... phy (GC) employing equivalent chainlength (ECL) determi- nation are widely used ... ricinoleic acid by GC, iodine value (IV) (Wijs) 85.5, acid value (AV) 0.1 ...

138579312.pdf - BORA
1.2.3 Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry . ...... samples that were not in the standard mixture, equivalent chain length (ECL) values were estimated ...

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