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Detection of BIM (BCL2L11) Polymorphic Variants - JSciMed Central
Nov 3, 2014 ... (2014) Detection of BIM (BCL2L11) Polymorphic Variants in Chronic. Myeloid Leukemia by Q-Invader Assay and Their Clinical Significance.

Lack of Association between the BIM Deletion Polymorphism and
the BIM deletion polymorphism in lung cancer patients was not related to age, sex, smoking .... CTCCCCACCAC-3′ for detecting wild-type BIM and F: 5′-.

The BIM Deletion Polymorphism and its Clinical Implication in
Introduction: A germline BIM deletion polymorphism has been proposed to predict poor ... The BIM (also known as BCL2L11) gene encodes a. BH3-only protein .... PCR was carried out to detect the. BIM deletion ..... variant of BIM. Cancer Res ...

EGFR-TKI Resistance Due to BIM Polymorphism - Cancer Research
Apr 15, 2013 ... BIM (BCL2L11) is a BH3-only proapoptotic member of the Bcl-2 protein family. ... patients with NSCLC, who harbored this host BIM polymorphism, .... pase-3/7 activity, and PE-Annexin V Apoptosis Detection ..... variant of Bim.

Analysis of BIM (BCL‐2 like 11 gene) deletion polymorphism in
Mar 24, 2014 ... Methods: The BIM deletion polymorphism of each patient was detected by poly- merase chain ... BCL2L11, Bcl-2 Interacting Mediator of cell death) has .... mutation detection ..... proapoptotic BH3-only splice variant of Bim.

Common genetic variants in candidate genes and risk of familial
Jul 1, 2009 ... studies showing a polymorphism in the IL10 promoter (rs1800890/-. 3575T>A) to be ... BCL2L11(BIM), BCL6, BCL7A, BCL7C, BCL10, CASP1, CASP14, CASP4,. CASP5, CASP6 ... in our samples to detect any residual correlations among SNP pairs. .... GRAMD1B, BCL2L11) (Di Bernardo et al, 2008).

Association between BIM deletion polymorphism and the risk of non
May 15, 2016 ... BIM (BCL2L11) encodes a BH3-only pro-apop- ... BIM deletion polymorphism is not associated with Chinese NSCLC. 5648 ... potential marker for detecting the susceptibility ..... D, He F, Wang H. Functional regulatory variants.

PDF (1 MB) - Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, The
BCL2L11 intron 2 deletion polymorphism) were obtained from. Coriell Cell Repositories ..... Limits of Mutation Detection for Three Variants. Sample. Variant reads .... BCL2L11 (BIM) 2.9-kb intron 2 deletion polymorphism that is associated with ...

Interaction among apoptosis-associated sequence variants and joint
Yet, few studies emphasize the interaction of variant apoptotic genes and their joint ... (single nucleotide polymorphism) ... BCL2-like 11 (BCL2L11). (aka BIM); Interacts with other members of the BCL2 protein ... of SNPs within various biological pathways, has resulted in the detection of numerous PCA susceptibility loci [38].

Full Text (PDF)
Jul 15, 2014 ... Little is known about how these variants modify disease risk and progression. ... remission | susceptibility gene | GWAS | eQTL | polymorphism. Type 1 diabetes .... induced expression of Bcl2l11 (Bim), c-Myc, and DP5 (Hrk). mRNA (Fig. 4 G–I) , it .... suffer from severe β-cell loss, rendering it difficult to detect.

Identification and In Silico Analysis of Novel von Hippel‐Lindau
Jan 27, 2011 ... analysis. The temperature for heteroduplex detection was de- .... were identified: 4 known polymorphic variants (1 small du- ...... BCL2L11 (Guo et al., 2009), which promote apoptosis. This .... through stabilization of BIM(EL).

Mechanisms of resistance to EGFR tyrosine - Semantic Scholar
... AXL, Anexelekto; BCL-2, B-cell CLL/lymphoma-2; BCL2L11/BIM, BCL2-like 11; BH3, BCL2-homology domain 3; ... to tumor cell death through BCL2-like 11 (BIM )-mediated apoptosis. .... PDGFRβ was required to maintain the growth of EGFR variant III .... polymorphism was sufficient to confer intrinsic TKI resistance in.

Compound EGFR mutation is frequently detected with co-mutations
mutations, including ALK rearrangement, BCL2L11 intron 2 deletion, KRAS .... Variant Caller (ITVC) v3.4 was used for the detection of muta- ...... A common BIM deletion polymorphism mediates intrinsic resistance and inferior responses to.

Balancing selection maintains nucleotide diversity in a regulatory
Jun 16, 2011 ... counting the number of polymorphic variants and private alleles ..... mune conditions that often occurs in IBD patients, identified a SNP close to the BCL2L11 gene. 19. Page 20. (also known as BIM), another key player in the elicitation of RICD .... to define populations and detect population stratification.

Open Access version via Utrecht University Repository
Jan 22, 2015 ... containing ACOXL and BCL2L11 (rs3789129, P¼1.51Â 10À 8,. ORA ¼ 1.3), and ... performed reverse transcription (RT)–PCR analysis of BIM expression in .... the AA-associated risk variant and this functional polymorphism, and suggests ... and MCs, but did not detect expression in plucked SHFs (Fig. 4).

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Feb 7, 2012 ... Results: Variant rs928883, near miR-155, showed an association (OR ... Conclusions: This is the first reported association between a germline polymorphism at a miRNA locus ... only members (including BIM, PUMA/BBC3, NOXA/PMAIP1, ..... in BCL2L11 previously reported to be associated with NHL by .

東京医科大学 (PDF:1198KB) - 文部科学省
① BIM 遺伝子多型を指標とした個別最適化医療の確立:医腫 血内 小児科. がん診療 における ..... Detection of BIM (BCL2L11) polymorphic variants in chronic myeloid  ...

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Aug 2, 2016 ... genetic variants and a trait of interest to compare the frequency of genetic variants (alleles) in affected and ... polymorphism; T2D, Type 2 diabetes; T1D, Type 1 .... BCL2L11 1.70E-. 03 ... this pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 family member (also known as Bim) are refractory to apoptosis .... Detection of celiac disease.

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Feb 7, 2012 ... Results: Variant rs928883, near miR-155, showed an association (OR ... Conclusions: This is the first reported association between a germline polymorphism at a miRNA locus ... only members (including BIM, PUMA/BBC3, NOXA/PMAIP1, ..... in BCL2L11 previously reported to be associated with NHL by .

Gene Section - Inist
single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), rs999885, was reported in the ... bio- markers for early detection of gastric cancer (Cai et al., 2013). ... BCL2L11 (Bim) was identified as target of ... A genetic variant (SNP A>G) in the promoter region of.

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