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Then add the first letter and blend all of the sounds into a word: s+un = sun. If you like math, you can say, “s plus un equals sun. ... sat on the rat's mat. Page 7. 6. Rhyming: Short-a. CVC words that rhyme have the same short vowel sound in the .... 30. Johnny: Bip is not a pet. Linda: Yes he is. Johnny: No he is not. He is a rat.

Word Work Strategies to Develop Decoding Skills for Beginning
14. 16. 18. Pretest. Posttest. Control. Comparison. Treatment. 0. 10. 20. 30. 40. 50 . 60. Pretest. Posttest. Control. Comparison. Treatment. Decoding CVC. Words ...

Letters and sounds: Phase Three - Babcock Education
be able to read and spell CVC words, they all should be able to blend and segment CVC ... Read sentences using sets 1–6 letters and the tricky words no, go, I,.
Letters and Sounds-Phase 3.pdf

Reading Mentor - Learning Resources
Activity 9: Short Vowel Words (CVC). 44 ... And the color-coded rods help students easily identify .... The Reading Mentor has three modes: Letter Mode, Word.

word counting (e.g., Tap out the number of words you hear in each sentence); .... rhyming word pair would spoil the rhyme as the final colors/sounds would no longer be .... The student will identify and discriminate between sound positions. ...... work on specific problem areas [VC and CVC word patterns, CV-silent e, ...

Phonics and Spelling - Building RTI
—progress from short VC and CVC (2- or 3-letter) words to longer words ( consisting ... Using letters, demonstrate how to say a CVC word slowly by blending the ... sat to mat, mat to map, map to mop, mop to top, top to stop). ..... - and and hand/land/stand/band understand. 29. -ed red bed/fed/Ted/sled. 30. -ep ... bus/plus/thus.

Lesson Plans - LINCS - U.S. Department of Education
Lesson Plans document includes the 30 scripted lessons with related materials .... l in one syllable Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) words and spelling the sounds of ..... can figure out the syllables in a word, you can read almost anything .

K-5 Top 10 Skills Lists for 1st Semester - Cherokee County Schools
(Students progress through subsequent word lists at the child's individual ... Begin to orally blend Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words like mat ... AND 10, 20, 30 . . . to 50. ... Identify the story elements of characters, setting, main idea, and plot. ... Use and understand math vocabulary (equal, plus, minus, add, subtract,.

Starfall Kindergarten - Read Me First
The Learn to Read Decodable Sequence Cards, Sentence Strips, and Word. Cards will be used ... Your Starword Wall is where you will display oral vocabulary words. ... plus math activities, colors, a talking library, songs, rhymes, and more. ..... Blending CVC words ... Starfall Manuscript) showing all 30 Sound- Spelling Wall.

Bonus Catalog - Scholastic
[email protected] Judy, Tonya & Ann Marie. Ink Colors. Include: ..... Photographs, Maps, and Diagrams • Word Histories, ... Looking up words in a print dictionary boosts spelling skills—and exposure ... 30. Magic. Motion. Watch it change! 28. Pieces. 36. Sheets. Student Rewards & ..... Build and read CVC words.

Grade 1 – Integrated Curriculum Language Arts, Math, Science
Example: inflectional endings – adding -s, -es, -ing, or -ed to a word ... Standard 5 : Fluency – The student will identify words rapidly so that attention is directed .... Spell short vowel words using the cvc pattern (Example: it-hit, an-man). c. .... (e.g., use two colors of cubes to represent addition facts for the number 5, ..... Page 30  ...
C3 PASS Int1.pdf

Grade 2 – Integrated Curriculum Language Arts, Math
Substitute a phoneme change to a word. ... Example: short – CVC pattern – rob ... Words in Context - Expand vocabulary in language and writing by reading and ... Standard 4: Fluency – The student will identify words rapidly so that attention is ..... cups, spoons, coins, clocks, graph mats, painted beans or two-color counters.
C3 PASS Int2.pdf

Lindamood® Program - Gander Publishing
VGA monitor capable of 640 x 480 pixel display at 256 colors, local ..... CVC. CV/ VC. The Cat Spelling Word Lists. Nonsense Words sooks tefs teft teps thask.

IEP for Kindergarten student, age 5, with right hemiplegia
Her middle of year's scores are: FSF 29 (Benchmark 30), LNF 26 ... When presented with a list of words to monitor her word reading fluency, her scores were: 6,. 7, 7, 6, 10, and .... sounds, and c) blend and decode CVC words with 80 % accuracy in 4 out of 5 trials. ... l..vill identify upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.

Essential Word Sorts™ Demonstration Cards - Really Good Stuff
160 Storage Envelopes plus 5 blanks ... are printed with the category names and are color coded to indicate the sets ... cards. As they identify a misplaced card, ask them to explain ... Open sorts—students see patterns and sort words into ... EZread™ Sorting Mat (#305277) ... CVCe (drop the e), CVC (double the C), CVCC.

Recombinative generalization: Some theoretical - Behaviorpedia
généralisation recombinante a débuté quelque 80 ans plus tôt, .... contain a two- word utterance referring to a colour–shape ... study, four colour and four shape stimuli were ... Recombinative generalization of whole words ... (e.g., mat/sat/sop/ sug) upon hearing those words. .... vowel-consonant (CVC) words that differed only.

How and Why I Taught My Toddler to Read - Larry Sanger Blog
Dec 13, 2010 ... his baby daughter that she was able to recognize the words from the video even ... (words plus pictures) arranged into increasingly difficult phonetic groupings, in a ..... reader, to reading CVC (―dog‖) words almost right away, to reading .... includes short-A word like mat, hat, Pam, Sam, and so forth), then.

2016 materials aligned to - Lakeshore Learning
Early Childhood p.30 ... cards have a photo on front & corresponding word on back to build print .... activity mats, plus 36 easy-grip elephants in 3 sizes and 4 colors. ...... a word printed on front, with a cute picture clue that helps kids identify the .... Develops skills in reading CVC words, sight-words (high-frequency words) , ...

h play! - Briteidea
the other—helping children recognize and identify each emotion ... plus 250 plastic links in 4 bright colors. The links ... targeted practice with each word or phrase, so students really master each ... Each book has 5 sets of flips covering 10-15 sight-words, plus helpful ...... Develops skills in reading CVC words, sight- words.
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An ideal observer analysis of variability in visual-only speech
ratio for visual plus auditory speech compared with audito- ry speech ... increases word-naming latencies when the words in a list are spoken by .... for differing effects of the colors on perceptual salience of .... consonant-vowel-consonant ( CVC). To the ... from all talkers were extended to be 30 frames in duration by including.

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