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Can the Cadillac Tax Be Made Less Regressive by Replacing It with
Cadillac tax attachment point in 2018 ($10,200 for a single plan, and $27,500 for a family plan). The ACA also specifies that the attachment point will be ...

Reforming the Tax Treatment of Health Insurance - Ways and Means
Apr 14, 2016 ... It encourages workers to buy generous insurance that offers lower ..... “Can the Cadillac Tax Be Made Less Regressive by Replacing It with an ...

Benefits of the Tax-Preferred Status of Employer-Sponsored Health
Limiting the Tax Exclusion Will Have the Same Problems as the Cadillac .... on health care, in that such coverage makes consumers less price-sensitive and .... promote the purchase of health insurance because it is regressive as it ..... ACA's Cadillac Tax if no changes are made by employers to their health plan designs.

the tax exclusion for employer-sponsored health - MIT Economics
The Senate chose instead a "Cadillac ... These pools can be created in many different ways; in the limit, a .... Second, this tax expenditure is highly regressive, .... 0.65; that is, a dollar of health insurance costs 35 cents less than a dollar of other ...

The Excise Tax on High-Cost Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage
Aug 20, 2015 ... Proponents of the Cadillac tax argue it will help to slow ..... characterized as having more generous coverage or lower cost-sharing requirements than average ... any group health plan made available to the employee by an employer which .... Generally, the ESI exclusion is regressive, since the exclusion is.

Are Energy Efficiency Standards Less Regressive Than Energy
efficiency to be more regressive than energy taxes, not less. .... And in principle those standards can be compared directly to energy taxes ..... Figure 7 applies in general, and whether the switch to footprint-based standards has in fact made ... Another way to see that the Sonic-Cadillac example in Figure 7 represents a ...

Reforming Individual Income Tax Expenditures - Citizens for Tax
Jul 23, 2013 ... Congress Should End the Most Regressive Ones, Maintain the Progressive Ones , ... Tax expenditures can be evaluated based on three criteria: cost, ... taxes that lower-income Americans do pay and that make our .... profits made from selling assets for more than they cost to purchase) and corporate stock.

Cutting Health Care Spending - Campaign for America's Future
“Cadillac plan” tax will over time cover an increasing number of midsize sedans. .... cost sharing for health care can lower costs without worsening health is the .... Moreover, the HIE data is almost thirty years old, and the comparisons made in the ..... argue that the current system is regressive, so that reducing the deduction,  ...

an analysis of donald trump's tax plan - Tax Policy Center
Dec 22, 2015 ... were unclear and presents the assumptions that we made in our .... It does not include the additional standard deduction for elderly or blind .... individual income taxes but would offset less than a sixth of the ..... financed by broad spending cuts , the net effects of the plan are likely to be regressive, since the.

Tax Reform for Growth, Equity, and Revenue - Urban Institute
Nov 30, 2012 ... distortions created by the tax system and the inefficiencies involved in ... it could raise substantial revenue even when accompanied by lower rates. ..... taxation by introducing a tax on “Cadillac” health plans, effective in 2018. ..... The VAT is regressive if households are classified by, and the tax burden is ...

Perverse Incentives Arising from the Tax Provisions of Healthcare
otherwise would have made, we can say that the law or regulation imposes “ effective .... chased by individuals will primarily benefit lower-income taxpayers. 10. If the ACA had ... these tax benefits are regressive and that they encourage excess health ...... plans.81. The Cadillac tax will impose a 40% levy on employer -pro-.

Reforming the Tax Exclusion for Health Insurance - American
exclusion must be made in a way that is not detrimental to low-income people .... amount of the tax break does not depend on the type of health insurance plan. ( 25). Critics also raise concern that the benefit is regressive because higher- ... generous insurance (so-called Cadillac coverage) that they may not need. In.

Dynamic Analysis, Welfare, and Implications for Tax Reform Jason
Sep 22, 2016 ... on the former, and I believe tax policy can play a part in promoting ... (or output) created installing the pollution-reducing equipment less .... Cadillac tax. ..... combined with a sharply regressive redistribution of the tax burden.

Reforming Taxes and Raising Revenue: Part of the Fiscal Solution
tax code could be made more equitable, efficient, and simple. .... Some advocates reject any source of extra revenue on the grounds that less government revenue ..... wealthier taxpayers, making tax expenditures a regressive aspect of a progressive ... ―Cadillac‖ health plans as a means of discouraging demand for ...

Pathways to Tax Reform Revisited - Tax Policy Center
Jul 11, 2013 ... “pathway to tax reform,” and in 1973 made the case in a book of that title. This paper ... lower rates can be a win-win for fairness and efficiency. ..... although the excise tax on “Cadillac health plans” is intended to indirectly cap the tax break, but .... A VAT is regressive since lower-income households spend a.

Paying for What You Get and Getting What You Pay for - Duke Law
Mar 7, 2007 ... generously tax-sheltered “health savings accounts” (HSAs) ... HSAs can be used to pay for medical costs not ... Cadillac while some drive only a Corolla, each would more or less pay for ... LESS REGRESSIVE HEALTH CARE FINANCING. Private-sector payment for medical services might be made more.

The Options Book - The Concord Coalition
As a result, large cuts to the NIH budget could discourage innovation in ..... provide relief funds for national security threats, man-made disasters, and natural disasters. PROPONENTS ..... This option would make the payroll tax less regressive. ..... further limits on tax-free health insurance than that so-called “ Cadillac tax.”.

Tax News & Views - Deloitte
Jun 24, 2016 ... House GOP tax reform blueprint proposes across-the-board rate cuts, move ... tax rules that he says will allow employers to “compete and win. ... top rate for corporations, but less than the proposed 33 percent top income tax rate for individuals. .... between the GOP proposal and the current-law Cadillac tax,.

2 - Report :: Perspective on The Gas Tax and Car Registration Fees
The Gas Tax Is Regressive - Or Is It? Conclusion. Appendix A: ... state collects far less in motor fuels taxes than it could - or should. Data from the .... created the need for improved roads and bridges. .... Suburban and Cadillac Escalade. All are ...

Implications of Health Care Reform for Employers - Center for
that the legislation is able to lower health care cost growth it will benefit business ..... regressive subsidies is the tax subsidy provided to employer health insurance . As pointed out above, this tax subsidy is unaltered under the new law, except for the “Cadillac tax.” .... employer health insurance decisions are made with.

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