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An electrostatic actuator for fatigue testing of low-stress LPCVD
An electrostatic actuator and mechanical-amplifier (MA) device has been designed and fabricated to study fatigue properties of low-stress LPCVD silicon nitride.

An electrostatic actuator for fatigue testing of low-stress - ECE
Apr 28, 2005 ... Sensors and Actuators A 121 (2005) 557–565. An electrostatic actuator for fatigue testing of low-stress. LPCVD silicon nitride thin films.

Nano-scale fatigue study of LPCVD silicon nitride thin films - ECE
Apr 4, 2007 ... This paper describes a nano-scale tensile test to study the fatigue properties .... displacement amplitude with electrostatic actuation at low.

Reliability and Fatigue Testing of MEMS
durability such as static and cyclic fatigue as well as time-dependent properties such as creep. ... One side is for electrostatic actuation; the other side .... Testing of devices at progressively lower levels of excitation eventually leads to no.

MEMS-based Universal Fatigue-Test Technique | SpringerLink
The miniature, re-usable, stand-alone fatigue test frame is fabricated as a single .... by economical replication of the test device, and low power consumption. ... MEMS electrostatic comb drive actuators have been extensively developed and ...

Fabrication and Fatigue Testing of an Electrostatically Driven
and actuators. A pad is ... Keywords Electrostatic; Fatigue; MEMS; Microcantilever beam; Reliability. ... analysis, were performed with testing methods using low.

Development of Amplitude-Controlled Parallel-Fatigue-Test System
Key words: fatigue test, silicon, MEMS, resonator, amplitude control, parallel test .... resonator is estimated to be less than 1% of the electrostatic actuation force. ... was fed to the comparator made of the low-offset amplifier AD712 (Analog ...

Dynamic fatigue of silicon
fracture strength, which is necessary for fatigue testing, since the strength of ... cially for integrated electrostatic actuation. Thermally ... However, electrostatic comb-drive actuators can be .... low-cycle fatigue tests––tests where the cyclic stress.

Mechanisms for Fatigue of Micron-Scale Silicon Structural Films
similar trends, in that lower cyclic stresses result in larger number of cycles to .... The electrostatic comb drive actuator (a), resonant mass (b), capacitive dis- .... marked by the dotted line shows static fatigue test results in 50 % relative humidity.

Experimental methods for the characterization of fatigue in
resulted about one-third of the static bending strength [9]. ... lower electrode consists of a polysilicon layer deposited on the substrate previously oxidized on the surface and ... The fatigue test device includes both the actuation electrode that is.

Jun 8, 2015 ... electrostatic actuation of the diaphragms was performed to analyze its viability as a ... diaphragm deflection to create audible pressure waves with relatively low maximum stresses to ensure a high cycle fatigue life. ... acoustic testing with a microphone placed 1 inch from the device did not yield any definitive ...

effects of varying mean stress and stress amplitude - Gruppo Italiano
Polysilicon deposited by low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) is a brittle material at ... This talk presents the results of fatigue tests on polysilicon specimens with independently ... an integrated electrostatic actuator. The effects of ...

Creep and Fatigue Failure in Single- and Double Hot Arm MEMS .... As can be seen, the temperature of the actuator in hot spot was slightly lower in the substrate side because the main heat transfer ... First, U-shape thermal actuators underwent a fatigue test.

Fatigue of polycrystalline silicon for MEMS applications
date, most stress-life (S/N) fatigue tests on such silicon films have been .... remaining ligament of the notched beam and serves as a mass to lower the natural ..... failure mode that prevents shorting of the electrostatic actuator when the.

Mechanisms for fatigue and wear - Office of Scientific and Technical
area marked by the dotted line shows static fatigue test results in 50% relative .... The device produces two-axis motion provided by electrostatic actuation of .... inherently brittle and has relatively low fracture toughness (KIc ~1 MPam1/2 [12 ...

Title Tensile and Tensile-Mode Fatigue Testing of Microscale
installed on a tensile-mode fatigue tester equipped with an electrostatic force grip . ... deformation of silicon at a relatively low temperature [10,11], have been observed using .... The actuation signal is supplied to a piezoelectric stage controller.

Bulge fatigue testing of freestanding and supported gold films
Jul 13, 2015 ... The data acquired during the fatigue tests show a strong ratcheting of the films .... preferentially used for low cycle rather than high cycle and ultrahigh ..... scale silicon nitride thin films using a novel electrostatic actuator. In.

A Small Area In-Situ MEMS Test Structure to Measure Fracture
applications as a lot monitor of strength or fatigue of the MEMS structural material . ... 3) use electrostatics to provide force, as this is the means of actuation in MEMS. ..... A lower bound for the fracture strength of the test structures is ~ 1 GPa.

influence of frequency and environment on the fatigue behavior of
The second part represents the low-cycle fatigue test at high stress. ..... advantages over electrostatic actuation, such as a notable increase in displacement ...

Mechanical effects of fatigue and charge on CMOS MEMS
To explore these effects, a test setup that automatically actuates any MEMS device at ... Interdigitated comb-finger electrostatic actuators (called comb drives) are .... resonant peaks that bend over to the lower frequencies will not be accurately ...

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